Enter the Spy
31. July 2018


Il-Su sat in his usual seat at the bar. Of course, he noticed the woman who occupied the seat just one stool away. How could he not notice her? She was new and Il-Su did not like new. As an agent for the CIA, he preferred the routine of this place. Il-Su had been stationed in this city to keep an eye on the growing Korean population because of rumored ties to the North Korean dictatorship. The city had a routine and the people rarely deviated from norms which made the culprits easy to spot. He liked that about Wichita. This woman, on the other hand, was a break in the routine and he didn’t like it. Il-Su saw her pint of stout and hid his impressed feeling. Not many women or many people enjoyed a nice stout. Barry the bartender came over.

“Hey Il-Su, what can I get ya? The usual?” asked Barry.

“I think I will have the stout the lady there ordered. It looks good.”

Barry nodded. “One nitro merlin coming up.” The woman shifted visibly in her seat to block Il-Su’s view of her. Not a talker. Barry brought the beer and left Il-Su in peace. The woman’s phone rang.

Who is on the phone?---Leave ideas in the comments.

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Walked paths
Hi, Mom...01. August 2018

This step was inspired by Ashielf who suggested Evie's mother.

"Hey, Mom," she said. The woman's face contorted with irritation and guilt. She even went as far as to rub the bridge of her…

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Walked paths
Trevor and the First Sleepover01. August 2018


“Hey, Trev, how’s the sleepover going?” she asked. The concerned tone sparked Il-Su’s interest. “Good! I’m glad you’re having a good time. What do you need?” There was…

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Hey! Nice concept to ask for ideas in the comments.

How about if Evie’s mother is calling to check up on her?