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On deck
04. September 2018

I stared at the door for a while, the sun was reflected by water and drew wafting pictures on the door. Then the play of light was gone. I looked to the hatch and saw how the white hull of a ship shifted in front of it. I dressed myself, meticulously worked through the many layers of ornamented robes, so every crease and every adornment set in its proper place. Appearance is everything. I hurried out the cabin and up on to the deck. The human deckhands were busy securing the ships and drawing out the plank. The orc crew that usually oversaw all the proceedings on deck, where mainly out of sight. But no human was foolish enough to believe that they did not watch carefully our every move. Protocol stated, that I had to wait for the Sa'blun delegation to come on board. I had trained for that, but I kept repeating all the steps in my head nonetheless. I allowed my self some seconds of panic, then I counted down from 10. Four, three, two, one -  now rationality ruled. The Sa'blunes took their time, the plank was fixed but apart from some deckhands no one showed up on their ship. This allowed me to take a good look at the ship. It was considerably bigger than ours and yet the hull seemed to be of one piece of a gleaming white material. There where several structures on deck, made of the same white material and a metal chimney in the aft third, but no mast and no sails. Golden runes where set all over, the structures.

The door of the aft cabin opened, and out stepped four guards a representative and a human, who probably served as their translator.

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