Team Alpha begins
12. September 2018

[Day 1 – Saturday Morning - Autumn]

We find ourselves on the fifth floor of an office building in the town center [1].

Office Building location

Before us we see four people, slowly regaining consciousness. The remains of the 10-year office-anniversary they threw with their colleagues prominently embellish the office atmosphere. These four people apparently didn’t find their way home.


There was Gavin Dukham. An end 30 scottish guy with a hint of arabic background. Bald head, about 174cm tall. His face wore a 3 days beard which was accompanied by his light brown eyes. He had an overall trained figure.

Percival Riley was near him. A 23 years old, curly haired and clean shaven dude with light blue eyes. His slim, fit body already peaked at about 161cm.
The third person was a woman. Vivien Baldwin. 26 years old, 169cm tall. Her dark brown hair was slightly curled with blond highlights in a bob cut. She had shining light blue eyes, a rather pale skin with a few freckles and slim-sporty shape.
The fourth person was still lying like a lump on the ground, facing away from the other three.

Gavin Dukham looked around, kinda head bobbing and trying to get rid of this kinda superior hangover feeling. “Oi Mate”, he mumbled and pointed his finger in the direction of Vivien Baldwin. “Will ya give me this bottle please?”, he added and pointed in the direction of somewhat looking sparkling water bottle.

Percival Riley looked at the direction pointed by Gavin. “Yeah sure,” he answered and walked towards the sparkling bottle nearly tripping over some fallen chairs in the way before finally grabbing the bottle. “Here you go buddy,” and while saying that, threw the water bottle at him.

Gavin Dukham tried to catch the bottle, nearly slipped the bottle to the ground in the attempt, opens the bottle and grabbed a huge sip from it. “Oi. Thanks”, and threw back the bottle and added, “Stay hydrated ..”


Vivien Baldwin meanwhile gave a rather hungover look. She noticed the point of finger of Gavin earlier, but apart from getting her head up didn’t really react in time. Her mind was dazzling and the only thing she thought of was: ‘Whatever happened last night was not good for me.’ Rubbing her forehead with her hand, she slowly began to sit up. “Mornin’ folks”, she moaned in between sleepiness and feeling awful, looking around the room - still more unconscious than alive.


Percival looked out the window nearly getting blinded by the Sun’s harsh rays of light.

“Yeah no thanks,” and quickly covered the window with the curtains rubbing his eyes.

By doing so, he robbed the all four of them the sight onto the central town square. The room got overall darker because no lights were on.


For all four of them, it was probably a late saturday morning since nobody else was here and the phones kept quiet. In general, it was awfully quiet.


Vivien had gotten up by the time the shutters were closed. She stretched a little and again rubbed her forehead. The pain in her head left just ever so slowly.

The room was a mess. She looked around. She didn't need bright sunlight to see, for the dim was more than enough. To the walls there were some tables, which had leftovers of foods and drinks all over them. In the middle of the hangout circle were remains of what could have been a drinking game. “Did I really…?”, she asked herself, not being much of the type for drinking games.

She slowly and carefully not to trip went over to one of the tables at the wall to also get a sip of water.

While pouring water into an unused glass, she noticed that there was a fourth person that did not yet recover. But she was not too curious, she'd let them their time.


“Doh. What a hell of the party .. But i don't remember anything at all.” Gavin tries to stand up and uses a nearby chair for help. The water bottle ended up in the nowhere and splashed, with a numb noise, against the wall.


Vivien went on. She’d decided that she needed something against the headache. At her desk she always kept some painkillers for that reason.

Walking through the building was strange. It had a long corridor to the second block of the unit but just nobody was there. It was a Saturday morning, but in any case. She didn't hear a single noise. No voices, no people, not even cars outside. All that was left, was the humming noise of the air conditioning.

A minute later on she opened her file cabinet. In between pencils and papers she found an empty pack of painkillers and cursed her fate. It was too bad. Maybe she’d find some later on - hoping that a pharmacy around was open.

For a moment then she went to the window facade. It was so quiet. The streets were as empty as this building. Pretty much like in a ghost town. She was startled. Slowly a question arose in her: “What else did I miss this night?”


While taking a closer look - as close as you could get from the fifth floor of a building - she saw some pedestrians shuffling slowly along the street. They didn’t seem to pay any attention to the streets. But why should they, there really weren’t any cars driving around. In fact, some cars stood still in the middle of the road. Their front lights trying to illuminate the road ahead of them even in broad daylight.


Finally, the fourth body in the room began to shift around. A low groaning could be heard as it turned around, facing Gavin and Percival. It was Dave from Accounting. He looked terrible. It was not a “too many drinks and sleep deprivation”-look. He classified more for a “death by alcohol poisoning and shouldn’t be moving”-look.

Dave stumbled upon his feet with the help of a desk nearby. Slowly he scanned the room and tried to articulate something but only unclear garbles came out. He almost lost his foothold but pushed against the gravity by the help of the table. By doing so, he accidently hit the space bar on the keyboard on the table and the music playlist from last night continued. ‘Don't Stop Me Now’ by Queen sounded from the boxes that were fuelled from the laptop connected to them.

Dave began to slowly shuffle towards his colleagues.

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Something's not right19. September 2018


Vivien felt that something was off. It seemed as if just everything had stopped suddenly. For a moment longer she stared at the streets. These strangely moving persons…

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