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Something's not right
19. September 2018


Vivien felt that something was off. It seemed as if just everything had stopped suddenly. For a moment longer she stared at the streets. These strangely moving persons, cars in the middle of the road, just stopped. More astounded than afraid she went on.

She wanted to go back for the moment but halted harshly as if she was struck by thunder after just a few steps. In disbelief she stared at the elevators and staircase. The elevators were ok - but the staircase. It was a block of solid concrete. She couldn't see the stairs she used to take anymore. There was just concrete. A freshly built wall. Blocking the way out with precision. How? For what reason? And when? Questions shot into her head.

Now she clearly knew that something was not right - she tried to wake up - but she was not in a dream. Intuitively she went over to the elevator and pressed the button - but nothing happened. She went back a step. Pushed her hands into her hips. “What the hell… “, she mumbled faintly - now a bit worried.


Ever so slightly, the office security camera in the hallway zoomed in on Vivien. The mechanical adjustments of the lenses gave off a soft whirring.

As the building was otherwise pretty quiet the action immediately caught Viviens attention. In a fast pace she walked up to the camera. Staring into the lens untrustingly, she thought: “You are definitely new.”


After a few moments of rollercoaster the body from Gavin went from zero to hero. His mind tingled all around in the new situation, like Spiderman. After looking around and finding a spot to focus on, his sight laid on .. Dave. Dave is what the nameplate says on the pushover. “Is this .. a cheap version from The Office?”, his thought went out loud.

“Dave?”, no response at all. “Dave!”, still .. nothing. “Can, someone, please turn on the lights?”, he added in a light military tone. Gavin stepped forward in the direction, where Dave was walking around. “OI. D A V E! Are Y O U deaf?” and still no reaction, kinda.

Dave finally reacted with a growl. Sounded like some old dog, but hey. Who is judging after this hella kind of a party. ”Finally some reaction ..” Gavin said and reached out to touch Dave on his shoulder.


“Can you keep it down!” Percival shouted at Gavin. Rubbing his forehead, he walked towards where Gavin and Dave were. “Woah, that doesn’t look normal,” pointing at Dave’s eyes. He could see black pupils but not an iris on his eyes. Just those tiny black pupils and nothing but white surrounding them. Feeling freaked out, Percival backed away from both of them.


Meanwhile somewhere else, Percivals “Can you keep it down!” ringed through the walls. ‘Si por favor!’, thought someone in response. The muffled sound of people shouting rung from beyond the shut door. ‘¿Qué tontos hacen ese ruido?’, went through Desmond Bedford’s head.

A 52 year old, very tall, scandinavian looking blond guy. Weather had worn his skin from many outdoor activities like hunting hiking, and kayaking. His home are the great outdoors and he only works partially to earn enough to escape to the wild again. Definitely not a people person, yet generally friendly.

At the moment, he was separated from the others. Des banged his fist on the door and shouted: “Would you keep it down!”, and added in a normal voice, “No sirves para nada, idiotas.”

Even Vivien heard the shouting. With a last grim look at the camera she started to go back to the room she woke up in. She wanted to know what went wrong there.

As she came closer she noticed that clearly something strange was going on there…

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A mejor!26. September 2018

Vivien went back to her colleagues. The camera followed her every step until she was out of sight and then continued to scan the hallway.
She came back to see Gavin reaching out to touch…

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