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A mejor!
26. September 2018

Vivien went back to her colleagues. The camera followed her every step until she was out of sight and then continued to scan the hallway.
She came back to see Gavin reaching out to touch Dave on his shoulder, a guy from Accounting that she only saw on occasions like the office party yesterday.

Dave seemed to mumble something to Gavin which the others couldn’t quite make out. “T-T-Tests nnnhh begun. You … we are…”, he stuttered before apparently having a seizure and falling over.

A bit contemplated, Vivien had looked at Dave. “Seems somebody had some drink too much”, she’d thought, not having noticed the strange about his eyes.

Completely ignoring what just happened to poor Dave she said: “We have a minor problem - somebody rebuilt the staircase to a beautiful block of concrete and shut off the elevator. He also put some cameras in the office that hadn't been there. Something is obviously wrong in here I tell you.” - She thought that might be more interesting.

Then again her eyes fell on Dave. She believed he was okay but didn't he just mumble something before he fell over?

Meanwhile in the adjacent room, Desmond scanned the meeting room he was locked in. There were some tables, chairs, a projector and some bottled water (with and without sparks). There were no windows.

Des had a terrible headache he scanned the room a second time, not to find anything but to clear his head. He set down on a chair, grabbed a bottle of water, poured a little in his hand and splashes his face with it, and again on his neck. “A mejor!” The headache eased a little bit, he repeated this and then drank some of the water. Des leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes, ‘sólo 5 minutos’ he thought.

“Hey Gavin”, Vivien spoke up, “You understand what Dave was sayin?” - “Dave mumbled something about a test”, he replied and imitated some zombie behavior, with the arms reaching out upfront. “Braa-iii-nnnzz ..” he added and smiled wide. Gavin stopped his acting and went down on his knee to check on poor dave - for some keys or other hints.

His clothes were fully wet, like Dave went to a spuma party. “Why is Dave so wet? Smells not like pee ..”, Gavin asked into the round.

“Well, he must’ve thought it’d be better stayin’ hydrated, ain't he”, Vivien chuckled. She actually had no idea what could have made him so wet and asked: “Does he feel hot?”, for maybe it was sweat.

“We need to secure him, possible contagious. I have seen a few cases on my tours, but not this over hydrated at all. Do we have any options to use our mobiles or possible landline? All dead for good? And what about other stairs? Emergency exits?”, listed Gavin while going through the possibilities.

“Well, secure him”, Vivien replied neutrally, “I’ll go and have another look around, if there is another escape route.” - She didn’t feel like a lifeguard today. She’d rather have a look around - and find possible other Daves. The hallway was filled with locked doors to the left and right. All of them had fingerprint scanners on them and a lock which went from 0-9.


Percival accompagned Vivien and headed towards one of the locked doors and placed his thumb of the fingerprint scanner. “Access Denied” a robotic voice told him. Feeling frustrated and wanting to go home, he messed around with the lock to no avail.

“Fine then. Lemonade. Ice cold .. ”, Gavin said in the same moment as he stood up from

the ground. And of course: no keys, no hints and no meds. Possible no needs at all. However, he found one crumbled document in a pocket of Dave’s pants. It was an excerpt from finances. Seemed like a list of the past months expenses with some highlighted positions. Gavin couldn’t quite draw conclusions from that but decided to keep the paper.

Gavin walked towards the bar - or whatever they called this piece of crap thing for the party - looking for some ice in the fridge or similar cool runnings. He grabbed some towels, let the water flow till very coldish and wetted some of the towels. Afterwards collecting all the ice cubes, threw them in a bottle holder, grabbed the wet towels and turned back to Dave. Not the best first aid method, but whatever works.
Dave didn’t wake up from the procedure but he seemed stable for the moment.


Des meanwhile feeled a little better set up and finally stood up, went to the door and tried to open it. First he thought the door was closed, but it just stuck, and with a little nudge flew open. Des stepped with the same move out of the room. Two persons stood in the corridor, one with a quizzical look at the doors and the other fiddling around with a door lock. Des knew none of them, but then he did not care much, since he is only here for one IT projekt and then he is off again. “Oh - Hi!”, said Des, still keenly aware of his pounding headache. “Had a rough night yesterday, must have dozed off”, Des added with an apologetic voice, “Please don’t tell my supervisor, I appreciate that.”

“Well, get in line”, Vivien answered surprised but smiling profoundly. She wondered if there’d be even more persons to find.

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Somewhat surprised by the reaction of that woman, Des looked at her and said: “What do you mean?” And looking at the other guy who stopped fiddling around the door,…

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