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03. October 2018


Somewhat surprised by the reaction of that woman, Des looked at her and said: “What do you mean?” And looking at the other guy who stopped fiddling around the door, added: “Are there more who slept here?” Des looked back in the room where he woke up, and now that he thought of it he did not remember falling asleep here, and he never drinks so much as to forget things. And then there was this pounding headache, the last hangover that gave him this kind of pain, was back in high school, as an adult he never felt the need to drink too much, and certainly not in this kind of Party. He looked back at the Woman.


“There are some more, that seem to have had a busy night - including us”, Vivien answered with a look to Percival, “We are four till now and I wonder if we find even more.” Suddenly her sight blurred. Wondering she closed her eyes and shook her head slightly. When she opened them again everything was back to normal. What was that? “Well it seems we all overdid last night's party a little. But what is confusing is THAT.” She pointed at the former staircase.

“Well. Dave looks stable - for now. What about you guys? Feeling alright?”, Gavin asks in the round. He had left Dave in the break room and joined the other in the hallway.


After fiddling around with the locks for a while, they figured out that each one of them was able to unlock one door with their fingerprint. Since they were four people this meant four new rooms to explore for them:

  • Door #1 - opened by Vivien

    • There were different sized metal blocks (cubes, rectangles etc.) lying in the middle of the room that block of the second half of the room. They were too heavy to be lifted by hand.

  • Door #2 - opened by Desmond

    • This room was also separated in two halfs. Bulletproof glass blocked access to a panel on the wall on the other side of the door they entered.

    • On the side they couldn’t access: There was a big red button on the wall. They could also see a cat minding its own business and looking out of the window.

  • Door #3 - opened by Percival

    • A small corridor lead to the other end of the room. There was a neatly written shield on the start of the corridor on their side:

      • “Only one of you can survive this. Choose carefully.”

    • One the other end of the room, they could see a panel.

  • Door #4 - opened by Gavin

    • This room was fully accessible.

    • The wall on the opposite site of the entrance was completely black.

    • No panel could be seen here.


This situation felt like a sick joke. Exits were blocked and their whole office apparently reconfigured for what purpose?


5th floor plan

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Walked paths
Tread carefully10. October 2018


Gavin took a deep breath and grabbed this little note from Dave out of his back pocket. He did a much deeper look on it. The paper says:

“Orochi Group /…

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