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10. October 2018


Gavin took a deep breath and grabbed this little note from Dave out of his back pocket. He did a much deeper look on it. The paper says:

“Orochi Group / Date / Harrison Blake (#FF to Gerald Bungard)”
“PoI / Logistic & Serial Numbers / Amounts”
“Highlighted lines / some nonsense signs (can't read this code / language)”
“more (water?) washed out lines, nothing more to read”

After finishing reading the note, he was even more confused. His view moved slightly in the round. Still not sure about this people. Did he knew them for sure? The whole situation was totally strange for him. Could it even be a dream? His mind drifted away and faded black ..


Vivien once more this morning gave a rather puzzled look. Whilst Gavin had a look at some paper he got out of his pocket, she checked doors until she’d found one that opened for her. “Here we go”, she mumbled faintly.

Entering the former room of their boss like this was strange enough, but standing in front of numerous big, shiny, metal blocks was even crazier. Literally, the room was half full with big cubes in different shapes. They completely blocked off the second half of the room. Slowly Vivien approached. “Just what the hell is wrong in this building”, she thought. There were smaller blocks in front, growing up to blocks that were almost as high as the ceiling. She had a look around an clearly could tell that there was no way around them. She could not imagine somebody bringing those superheavy blocks here. But they seemed solid. Upon touching they were cold and they were so heavy that Vivien could neither lift nor move them. They were just neatly polished blocks with rounded corners and edges sitting in the room. Nothing more to them. For a second Viven imagined: “For how long will the floor carry this?” But then she thought it’d be fine - hopefully.

On closer inspection, she could see some kind of panel behind the blocks - but as of now there was no way for reaching it. “What a boring room I have”, she thought, not being able to do anything here. Slowly, looking around once more, she went back out. “Nothin’ much in here”, she announced - and again had a little blur which gave her the creeps.


Percival walked around the area trying to open whatever door he found. Fortunately for him, after multiple failures one of the doors finally opened beckoning him inside. Looking around the area, all he saw was a short corridor with a panel on the end. A shield placed at the start caught his attention. “Fancy stuff but since when did we have a room like this in the first place?”, he asked. Grabbing the shield, a small note dropped out of it.

“Only one of you can survive this. Choose carefully.”, he read it out loud. A shiver ran through his spine after reading the note. Despite the note and without discussing it with the others, Percival headed towards the panel at the end.

As soon as he entered the corridor, it closed on both ends via bulletproof glass. His coworkers could watch in horror while from both sides of the corridor-walls, flames emerged, burning Percival to a crisp. No sounds could be heard through the glass and only some warmth came through to the other side.

This hellish display went on for a solid 30 seconds. Then the flames slowly faded out, leaving only a wrinkled, charcoal mass behind, lying there on the floor.


In tremendous horror Vivien had watched what happened. Her body was shaking to the bones as she watched Percival burning to death - right a second ago he went in all lightly. Nothing bad in mind. And now he’d been fried. Her sight went blurred again. Her sense of balance almost left her - and then - just everything went black for a brief moment.

Not blackout black but black. It was as if she’d fallen into a deep hole. She’d still hear her surroundings, but she didn’t see a thing. Couldn’t grasp the situation. Then all of a sudden her sight was back. In a bluish color she saw her surroundings. Saw the mechanisms in the wall that had incinerated Percival. Saw everything. Disoriented she turned over to her colleagues and screamed in panic before she realized that the skeletons in front of her were actually her colleagues bones.

The abnormal condition came to an abrupt end. Fading out as sudden as it came in. It left behind Desmond and Gavin looking perfectly like before. Vivien leaned at the opposing wall, sinking to the floor now. Sweat dripping from her forehead. She did not ask herself what happened and why - she couldn’t grasp one meaningful thought.


Meanwhile, the corpse of Percival seemed to change. A positive beep was heard from the corridor, opening the bulletproof glass again. A mechanical sound went out from the corridor: “Congratulations, you have selected the right individual.”

The others could not comprehend what that robot was referring to while looking at the burnt husk of what once was Percival Riley. But with every second, they registered some changes. First minor but after minutes, it began to dawn on them: Percival’s skin seemed to regenerate and his hair grew back.

After around 10 minutes, Percival woke up. Coughing heavily. He was disoriented and quite frankly, butt-naked. For his clothes didn’t seem to restore their former properties.

Nobody was quite sure if they could go up to him for help. Nobody knew if the trap was really disarmed or if this was just another trap.

Gavin opened his eyes. “Where am I?”, was his first thought. The world around him was similar to a strange comic strip - with too much Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. All colors were bright and blurry, but - on the other hand - very familiar. The acoustics were way off and different. He tried to speak, but no voice came out of his mouth. After this he looked around to verify where he might be. His movement felt surprisingly light and floaty. Light like a feather. In a far away distance Gavin recon some mumbles. So he decided to head to this direction, through a ocean of nebulae colors.  


Des was still examining the blocked stairs the woman pointed to, while the others examined the doors. He noted the woman and the man that had fidelt with the lock went each in a room that they could unlock.Then he saw the reflected flames of a fire on the office wall. Des could see the reflections of the flames but no sound and no smell, he hastened to have a look and saw the cremation of that man behind glass doors. The whole scene unfolded before him, the woman watching in shock, the door reopening, the regeneration of the corps. Rooted to the spot Desmond stood there in disbelieving shock.

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The woman's scream still ringing in his ears, Des collected himself again.’¿Qué está pasando? ¡Qué juego tan enfermizo!’ thought Des. “Are you alright?”, Des addressed…

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