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17. October 2018


The woman's scream still ringing in his ears, Des collected himself again.’¿Qué está pasando? ¡Qué juego tan enfermizo!’ thought Des. “Are you alright?”, Des addressed the woman. “I’m Desmond by the way.” He stepped besides her keeping the naked guy, or was it even a guy, in his sight. He scanned the room for anything heavy and blunt that could be used to take that abomination down.


Vivien noticed the guy they’d just met bending over to her. Seconds ago she saw through him, he being a skeleton to her. And just before that she saw things even worse. Her world was broken into pieces for now. Like far away and under water she still noticed his question with a good delay.

Vivien was still too shocked to form a reasonable sentence, but after a brief moment, still trembling and with wide open eyes, she gave a subtle nod.


Percival now alive from his misadventure looked at his naked body. “Woah what the hell?! I’m alive and naked?!” Touching his hand, he shivered from the gruesome death he just experienced a couple minutes ago. Looking awkwardly at the others, Percival’s face flushed red from the embarrassment of his naked body being shown to others. “H-hey there, got any clothes you can spare a stranger?”


“What the - ?”, Des who eyeballed a nearby chair as a potential weapon, stood again in disbelieve rooted to the spot and stared at the guy, who just spoke as normally as it was a workday habit to get burned to a crisp and then completely reform again. But the guy, or thing, seemed genuinely surprised about this, too. “What's your name?” Des asked the thing, for he was not yet convinced that this really was a human. “And do you frequently cremate yourself?”


Meanwhile at Gavin’s outer body experience. In his drugged, natural behavior. Floating around and still no idea where to go. But .. he knows the structure of these surroundings. He touched a huge flat area, what would be a wall between rooms. The area around of his fingerprint was now in a state of a pulse mode. The whole environment began vibrating and all exploded in a huge color matrix, like a newborn star. Colors, unicorns, space dust and other thing in your weird dreams.

“Colours everywhere! Wheee!” A few moments later and more tests with his new environment (what would be the office building in some kind of astral plane). One thing lead to another: He noticed a far distanced bright outline. “Oh. Shiny! Nothing to lose here!”

He wasn't accustomed to his speed yet. He flashed right over the outline. The room walls were bursting like a jet hitting the sound barrier, in different shades of purple. “Damn. This went fast .. ”, he giggled. Testing the flight speed needed some more adjustments. Gavin floated back to the outlined thingy.
“Well. What is this outlined cat looking thing doing here?” He reached out to touch the shiny thing - like a child. Touching any- and everything. His mind slipped black again .. nano seconds later .. Gavin opened his eyes, blinked.
“What the heck is going on?” He looked around. “Office building? Check.” “View angle? Bit off, looks normal for now. All a bit huge and the colours are not here. Who gives ..” “Acoustics? I can hear the grass growing. Mkay. Voice? Check One. Check Two.” “Meoow!”, he meowed and started to clean his face, out of natural behavior.


“Percival. Percival Riley, you know the guy who does the electronics around here. Uhhh no?”, Percival tried to jumpstart Desmond’s memory. Responding to the his question. Percival sighed at what's going on and scratched his head in frustration. “This is just clearly a bad dream and at any moment I'll wake up in my bed,” Percival banged his head on the wall attempting to wake up. But it just hurt. The pain felt pretty real. Even though it subsided quickly. Despite being dead not 5 minutes ago, he felt fine again. Well, physically at least.


Des didn’t understand what Percival was trying to say. For him it were just incoherent words. And then the thing even started banging his head on the wall. At that moment it looked more like a robot that had some sort of system crash, then a human being. The scene was not without its comical aspect, as an apparently naked human man banged his had on the wall while mumbling incoherent words. Then Des remembered that this thing moments before was nothing but a burned crisp, and all that was here now reformed out of nothing. Des grabbed the chair and advanced on that headbanging thing.

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Madness descents24. October 2018


As soon as Gavin spirit transitioned into his new hull, his earthbound body had dropped with a loud noise on the floor.

Vivien still sat on the…

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