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Madness descents
24. October 2018


As soon as Gavin spirit transitioned into his new hull, his earthbound body had dropped with a loud noise on the floor.

Vivien still sat on the ground, her legs twisted to both sides, leaning on the wall in front of the four rooms. Her breath got slower and deeper. Her mind slowly regained some focus. But still everything whirled around Percival being burned alive. Out of nowhere. This could have happened anytime anywhere. This was not the building they’d been working in - this was a nightmare copy of it - or at least somehow turned into.

The sweat on her forehead felt cold, all of a sudden she'd completely forgotten her headache. Sceptical and quite distanced she looked at Gavin. He was lying on his face in front of one of the rooms. Did something happen to him too? She couldn't tell.

She switched back to the unreal happening in front of her. The guy they'd just met advanced on Percival. With a chair? And - by some miracle Percival was back in a naked human form. Returned from his ashes. Was this all but a dream? Vivien felt as if she'd watch a movie from behind herself.


“Damn. What happened again?”, Gavin talked to himself in his new form. “What the .. I’m a furry now?!,” and got a good vomit with cat furs on the ground. “Well. This is great. I've no idea why. I've no idea where .. but I´m a damn cat now. Alf would be so proud. Wait! I know this room.”
Gavin looked around and remembered the room with the huge window wall and a cat behind, the button panel on the end of the room. “Mhm .. “ Gavin started to run around, like a cat having his wild five minutes and tried to jump on the button. After a few more tries he hit the button and a huge “SEVEN” appeared on a display. “What is this? Fogging Star Trek? Seven of Nine?” He couldn’t continue his thoughts any further because Gavin got rejected out of this foreign body. Again … a new transition … He opened his eyes.
“Why the heck am I lying on the ground?”, he questioned, spat in his hands and tried to wash his face.


Meanwhile, Des stopped 1,5m in front of that thing that called itself Percival, chair raised, ready to pin whatever that was to the wall. Moments passed could have been seconds or minutes, as Des took in the scene, and milled over the decision to out ride smash that things head in or try to talk to it. As Des contemplated the smashing, one of his favorite movie scene came to mind, ‘Débil dios!’ - ‘Puny God’ Des smiled at that thought.
After banging his head against a wall, feeling the pain and not waking up, Percival was quite confused as if this really was just a dream. But he had no further chance to reason with these thoughts. Percivals instincts kicked off as this apparently mad man was trying to pummel him with a chair. He backed off further into the corridor of the room he was killed in. Desperately trying to find some tools for self defence, he found the panel at the end of the corridor.

He grabbed the long metal switch attached to the panel and janked if off. The panel unveiled the number “6” and Percival inspected his new stick which should give him the ability to defend himself at least a little. “Back off!”, he screamed at Des, waving this metalling stick.

“What are you, monster?!”, Des asked calmly but his voice could not completely hide the tension. He pushing forward with his chair like a tamer training a wild lion. “I am Percival Riley”, he repeated himself again, “like I said, I do the electronics around here!”

Des pondered for a moment. He indeed had heard that name and maybe even saw that face before. He lowered the chair, but just a little.


All four found themselves in a situation they would never have dreamed off. In a building they knew all too well but was dramatically different to what they remembered. Deadly traps seemed to be installed. Lockings mechanisms. Cameras.

Like the one Escape Room they once did as a company event, it seemed to center around getting out of a place.

And on top of that all, these strange occurrences.

Percival healing himself after getting burned to a crisp.

Gavin exiting his body and controlling a cat.

Vivien suddenly seeing through living and dead material like a living x-ray.


Before they did anything else, they gathered in the corridor between those strange rooms. The next two hours, they would talk about what happened to them and assess the situation. Even if none of them new what was happening, they at least were able to come down a little bit and get to know each other.

All of that watched by two cameras attached to the ceiling of the corridor, the lenses and microphones giving away the results to an unknown party.

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Getting enough of the 5th floor31. October 2018


It took Vivien some time to really calm down. It took her some time to realize, what actually had happened. That one of their group had a miraculous self healing power…

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