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Getting enough of the 5th floor
31. October 2018


It took Vivien some time to really calm down. It took her some time to realize, what actually had happened. That one of their group had a miraculous self healing power at least like stolen from some sci-fi series. That she herself actually had experienced something like an x-ray vision. That all of this happened in her real life. And whatever happened to the building - all of this was no dream.

At least half an hour had passed in which she hadn’t spoken to anybody nor really had she moved. Her legs and her bottom hurt from the twisted pose she had sunken into. She decided it was time to get up and focus on the problem. Vivien did not belong to the group of people that easily buried their heads in the sand. She tried to always stay clear and focused. Yet she also did not belong to the most brave hearted and insensible group - thus her situation.

Anyways, she’d managed to cope with what she’d experienced. Greatly assisted by the fact that everybody was more or less happy and healthy as well as alive. Now she was slowly walking around the floor taking only peeks into the rooms anymore. In her room, with the metal boxes, there was not much to gain for her. She couldn’t move those heavy things - maybe she was even lucky to have survived when she had entered. The incineration room was clearly off limits. But Vivien could see that under the panel on the wall there was a number. The same went for the room with the glass wall - the panel was open, also showing a number. She deducted, that somehow Gavin must have had some ability to interfere with the cat - from now looking at his catlike behavior in human form which was as strange as cuddly.

So when those two rooms were linked to Percival and Gavin - then one of the two left rooms must have had something to do with her. And since there was not much left in the metal box room - she’d decided to go for the black room.

On premise she clearly wouldn’t enter - but she had a distinct look from outside. The room was pitch black. There was no light, no nothing. If she had some strange ability to see like an x-ray - maybe this room was precisely designed for her. For her to see things that the others couldn’t see. This was the first moment she thought about how to activate this skill of hers. It was not like a computer game where you press triangle for hindsight. The simplest thing was to close and open her eyes - but apparently nothing happened. Also doing the same with more expression did just one thing - make her look extremely stupid.

“How can you activate a special skill in real life”, she’d asked herself, never having imagined to be in need to ask that question and almost chuckling. For some minutes she tried more different approaches. Like focusing and concentrating, also trying to cling to the feelings she had back then. It all was hopeless and felt foolish. Nothing happened. And worse it was exactly what she expected because abilities like that simply didn’t exist and hence wouldn’t happen - but still she had the feeling she knew better. What she had experienced was real. And there had to be a way to activate it - again.

She closed her eyes. Her head was empty. All she wanted was to see in this pitch black night of the room. Bring light into the darkness. She thought of herself being the candle to bring light. Opened her mind to what she believed couldn’t be. When she then calmly opened her eyes again everything was again tinted in a bluish color. Immediately she felt adrenaline flowing through her body but she tried to stay calm. She did not yet now under what circumstances this condition happened and could be kept active. Unbelieving, Vivien raised her hand and looked at it - she could count all her bones.

She looked up, up into the room. She saw nothing. No machines, no traps, nothing hidden. Just three names written on the opposing wall.

“Desmond - Gavin - Percival”, she mumbled faintly. Just a second later a sharp pain stung through her eyes into her head. Immediately she pressed her eyes shut and rubbed them with her fingers. For a shock moment she didn’t know what was happening. But then reluctantly the pain faded away. And when she glimpsed around again, her vision was back to normal. “That’s some seriously crazy shit”, she reckoned - secretly putting a mental health check on her todo list.

Vivien spoke up and told the others about the uncovered sequence for Des, Gavin and Percival’s rooms. All could agree that this seemed to be some sort of experiment, to which none of them had consented. But no one was any closer in giving a reason or a solution to their predicament.


Des deducted that 7 and 6 were for Gavin and Percival, since only they were able to reach the respective numbers. Therefore, the only number missing was his own, which was supposed to be in the room with the boxes. Those that none of the others seemed to be able to move.

So Des went to the room to try his luck and have a look beyond. After some fiddling around, Des realised that he could move the cubes with ease. After having made a path, he unlocked a panel on the other end of the room which revealed a shiny number “3”. So the combined code was “376”. Des asked himself why the others had such troubles with those feathery boxes. He went out and looked for a place to enter the code, but he halted his step to view the bizarre behavior of Gavin.

Gavin crawled around the corridor. On all his four legs and purred like the cat he was before. Simple not in the option to hop out of the mind gap - between cat and his human being. He crawled across the hallway in the direction of Room #3.


Des decided to ignore that behaviour for the moment. While looking for a combination lock, he noticed that the persistent headache he had since waking up was gone. Just then he found a combination lock at one room opposite of the 4 open ones, so he tried 376 and it did open. After a quick look in the room, he turned his head over his shoulder and said to the others: “Guess what I found? More of the same.” He was clearly unnerved.


“This is so uncomfortable,” Percival groaned as he buttoned up his newly acquired long coat that the others found for him. “What the hell?”, Percival said as he saw Gavin walking around on all fours while purring. Hearing Desmond saying something, he walked towards the newly unlocked room.

Des saw Percival walking towards him and thought:  ‘Esa cosa encontró un abrigo. Qué tontería, si esto es realmente un ser humano, entonces esto es una mierda pero realmente humeante.’ Des clearly did not trust Percival, or that thing that claimed to be Percival. But something unreal was going on here. Gav who somehow merged with a cat, and Vivien that somehow could tell what was on the other side of a wall. This did not make any sense, whatsoever. Des started to get a headache again, not like before, but the slight pressure that always emerged when he was too entangled in human affairs. He longed for the clear and cold streams and forest where he could escape from this human mess.


Vivien also had a look into the newly opened room. She noticed the five lockers in a row, all of which had the same fingerprint lock they’d already known from the doors. Possibly they also had name tags on them, but she couldn’t really make it out from the distance. Because although this room was not half as cramped and fishy as the incineration room, she still did not really feel like running through open doors anymore. Thus, for starters, she remained outside in the hallway.

Also, on the wall facing the door, above the lockers, there were five things that seemed like light indicators in a row. They probably were linked to the lockers.

“Any volunteers?”, Vivien asked rhetorically. She could also have given her ‘ability’ another shot - but didn’t every cool skill in a game always come with a cooldown, she’d asked herself.

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“Any volunteers?”, Vivien’s rhetorical question hung in the room.

The young woman besides Des looked weary of the room, and he shared that feeling with Vivien. They…

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