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07. November 2018

“Any volunteers?”, Vivien’s rhetorical question hung in the room.

The young woman besides Des looked weary of the room, and he shared that feeling with Vivien. They stood there, some seconds of intense indecisiveness, which increased his headache. Des stepped back from the open door, took a nearby chair and sat down. Immediately, the headache eased up. He slowly ran his hands up and down the arms of the chair, the cool metal felt good, and it seemed to ease his ache. Come to think of it, did he also get some kind of powers like the others? Had it something to do with metal? The cubes in that room were metal, at least…


Vivien turned and looked at Percival. “How about having a look around the room?”, she asked with a smile, “I'm pretty damn sure you're the only one to survive whatever.”

“I don’t know man, like what if me surviving last time was a fluke or something.” Despite saying this, Percival steeled his nerves and entered the room. Lever in hand to smack if anything was to attack him.

A few moments later, the cat-like Gavin also strolled into the new room with this some obvious ghoulish creature inside, still smelling a bit like a combination of burned flesh left too long for BBQ and heavier smoke than a smoke grenade could create. Cat Gav wrinkled up his nose and turned around on point. After inspecting that strange room, Gav looked at his new victim and crawled to Des. Rubbing his head against the legs, after Des sat down. “Meeoow?” and curled his body in front of Des. “Meow!?”


Room #5 remained still after entering. No hidden trap or mechanism bolted as Percival, or Gavin for that matter, got in. Percival took a gander and saw the lockers. On each one of them, there was a name-tag: Vivien, Desmond, Percival, Gavin and Dave.

Since nothing had happened yet, Perc decided to go a step further and tried his locker. The fingerprint-sensor seemed to read his print successfully. Even one of the lights on the other side of the room went green. But the locker itself wouldn’t budge and remained closed. He reported his findings to the others.


First of all, they all went back to the break-room to check on Dave but he was still unconscious alas at least stable. But what should they make out of “his” light that apparently was permanently red?

The surveillance cameras surely transmitted their signal to somewhere. It wasn’t hard to add one and one together to deduce that someone changed the system to account for Dave’s situation. But did that also mean that something would happen if the rest of them activated their lockers? One thing was clear as day: Having to press all lockers simultaneously was a great way to get everyone in a single room. For a purpose yet unknown.

Our four involuntary test subjects scanned the 5th floor which they had now spend almost half a day in. No further clues or exit routes. For a lack of better options, they decided to try the lockers.


Once everyone was set and ready to go, all four of them grabbed their respective locker handle. All four pending lights on the opposite wall turned green, the lockers opened and … the entrance door to this room shut. A hidden metal door sealed the room with one swift swoop from the ceiling. Before anyone could do anything, the room began to shake.

The sudden rush of adrenalin activated Vivien’s special vision once more, unveiling a lift mechanism that had been implemented into this room. They were descending!

Well, at least they weren’t going any further up. The lift was moving extremely slow.

Seemed like they would have enough time to inspect their lockers before anything else happened.

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Gladys, is that you?14. November 2018


Even with the sudden closing of the room and the slow descent, that Des felt, he had a clearer mind. Des looked inside the locker and gaped at the content, a tactical…

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