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Failed test subjects
21. November 2018

They thought about what was true and what wasn’t but the time to ponder came to a sudden end. With a slight thud, the room came to a halt. And with a not so slight thud, most of the room-wall facing the corridor went down. Luckily, it fell over into the corridor, so our four subjects weren’t threatened by the infrastructure.

However, this opened up the view to a dimly lit corridor. With the now open wall, they could see that the ceiling wasn’t standard height. From what they could guess, it was at least two stories high. But they couldn’t make out the exact structure in this kind of light.

There was no time anyway, since one of the doors from the opposing rooms opened and some thing charged at them.


Des was startled by the sight, even though he braced himself for whatever was about to happen. But that thing that seemed to charge actually just fell out of the door. It appeared that it had leaned on the door, and when that opened, just stumbled out of the room and fell on the ground.
It once was a human being, but now resembled more Percival after he had been roasted and was half way through the healing process. The person was clearly a victim of some intense fire, some parts have regrown, others not, and some only partly. The face was one of the parts that did not regenerate: Empty eye sockets, no nose, no ears; just a bare skull cracked from the heat, revealing some regenerated brain. That thing got up and blundert about, clearly having difficulties to stand up.
Then the things head turned to the group as one of them readied his baton. Seemed like the ears weren’t visible anymore but the hearing was still intact. And it held a machete.
“What the fuck!”, Des exclaimed, and the things head snapped in his direction. The sudden movement overbalanced it and it fell to the ground again. Des took the initiative and stepped forward to hit the machete free hand it had raised with his baton. Flesh flew from it like tender well cooked meat. Before the piece hit the ground with a dull thud, Des noticed that it already started to regrow. But it stopped at the half regrown state as before. He took a step back and that thing staggered to its feet again.


” .. Kung Fu fighting .. “, and the singing stopped instantly, when Gavin did his first step into the room and saw the ghoulish creature. “What did you guys cook in here? And what is this smell?”, he asked. The next steps in to the room were more in some kind of an alarmed mode. Gavin laid his hand on the baton and detached the security strip on the top knob. “You guys are dead serious .. Well OK then. Let us play!”, and grabbed the baton out of the holster.


The thing stumbled forward, swinging the machete wildly back and forth, swaying with every swing. It was astonishingly fast even with a third of her legs just being a jumble of half regrown muscle. And it definitely used to be a woman, for as the creature moved closer the light illuminated it more clearly, and Des saw one fully regrown boob over a not so fully regrown chest which revealed the lungs. How that thing could be still alive was beyond Des. With the chest open and the lungs exposed it shouldn't be able to breath. And yet there it was, rasping and rattling. The she-thing swung again at Desmond, and this time Des was too slow. The machete smashed in his face, but then just stopped dead in mid air, as if it hit an invisible unyielding wall. Des could feel the could metal but not on his skin, it was a strange sensation, like he could feel the metal with his mind. Des pushed that feeling back, not with his hand but with his thoughts and the machete flew across the room, dragging the she-thing along with it.


Entering the corridor, Percival gasped at the pile of meat on the ground. "I think i'm gonna hurl," gagged Percival as he pinched his nose together to block the decaying smell. As he tried to leave, a strange clawing sound made its way closer to him. "Hmm?" Percival looked back and saw the pile of meat moving towards him. "What the hell?!" Looking at the monstrosity in front of him, body parts on places it should not be. Like multiple people were melted and put together back terribly to form this amalgamation of a monster. Slowly the monster stood, with arms acting as it's legs. Steeling himself, he took the club from his holster and the metal lever that he broke off when Gavin attempted to attack him. The monster, sensing his hostility, charged at Percival and attacked him. Percival was caught off guard by its speed and his arm was slashed by its claws. Gritting his teeth in pain, Percival used his baton to smash the face of the monster with all his might, destroying a portion of its face with unusual ease. ‘What the heck? It's like made out of clay or something’, he thought to himself. Reeling from the pain, the monster was disoriented long enough for Percival to rip one of its arms off with the lever. "Ok, that was way too easy. There has to be something more to this", he thought to himself. As if on cue, the arm of the monster grew back shoddily.

Shocked at what just happened, Percival ran out of the room panting. The monster staggered out and Percival saw that it just grew another face on top of the face it already had. Looking at the monster again, he noticed a red throbbing thing in its leg and assumed it was the heart. "RAAGHHH!" Percival lunged at the monster, avoiding a claw strike from it, sweeped the legs of the monster and plunged his club into its heart.

Percival waited for the monster to regenerate but nothing happened. He looked at his arm and the claw marks were gone as if they never existed. Sitting on the floor away from the monster, he laughed. He could have became a monster just like them if something had gone wrong with whatever experiment they all went through.


Another one of the doors opened. Seemed like the fight wasn’t over.

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