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28. November 2018

Through all of the fighting Vivien had stayed in second row - she was not exactly bulky and had no fighting experience - and also maybe not the guts for a fight with creatures like that. For the moment, she was happy she had three persons next to her, who took more joy in this business - and hoped that the fighting would not go on forever.

Just having finished the thought, Vivien gasped at the sight of the third creature - it did not seem as unfinished as it’s predecessors - plus it seemed way angrier. It looked mostly like a hybrid of the hulk and the hunchback of notre dame. It was not green - but who was to be picky in a situation like this. Fear grew in her as it seemingly could easily overpower them.

Currently, it was in a stalking mode and slowly approached the group, walking like a gorilla, fists on the ground. In it’s humped pose it was still easily two meters high. It let out a furious roar and slammed its fist on the floor with might. It sounded just like a hammer hitting the anvil. Like a hungry wolf it slowly came walking towards them.

“Ok, does anyone have a good idea?”, somebody asked. Viven sensed, that this opponent was too powerful for her group. But they had nowhere to run. In her growing fear once more her special ability activated.

She was back to her blueish sight that gave her an image through everything - except for their new opponent. She barely saw any bones. Just faint contours around a shining white inner body. The colour reminded her of the things she saw in the incineration room. Was this creature stuffed with metal? - It would fit the sound they just heard.

“Hey Des!”, Vivien started confident but still with a shaky voice, “Want to go for seconds? This thing is a walking pile of metal…” She hoped he would come up with something. They all hoped.


“Que?” Des asked aloud and a little distracted, first the machete swinging she-thing, then a blob-thing, and now a tin Quasimodo come Hulk. Des didn't need Vivens insight to guess that this thing was different, he could feel it with his mind. But nonetheless it confirmed his suspicion. The Quasi-Hulk was still some strides away, but if it were to bounce it would probably cover the distance with one leap. Or maybe not, since the Quasi-Hulk did not look too agile. Des tried to repeat what he did with the machete and pushed the metal he could feel back. The monster stopped and then began to slide back. It started to growl and tried to come closer, but it looked like someone in a storm who was fighting against the gale but slowly losing ground. Then it jumped. Or at least tried to, for in the instant that it left the ground and all friction was gone, it was literally blown across the room. It smashed into the she-thing and was pinned to the wall but still very much alive. “Some help please, I can hold it there but I don’t know how to kill it.”


Hearing the commotion, Percival headed towards the noise and found some thing flying across the room at breakneck speed. Looking around, he recognized Desmond doing a spell-casting pose like a wizard. ‘That would be very cool if I wasn't extremely terrified right now,’ he thought to himself as he looked at the monster. Taking his weapons, he charged at the monster but tripped halfway through and crashed straight into the monster head first. "I'm okay! I think?", as blood trickled down his forehead. Feeling dizzy from the crash, Percival managed to strike the monster's head a couple of times before he fell onto the ground.


While Percival was out and Des fully focused on holding that monstrum to the opposite wall, the others did - nothing. Vivien didn’t want to get close to any of it and Gavin was too occupied creating more witty one-liners in his mind.

Since they weren’t able to take action in the situation, something else did. Out of the shadows of the above parkour jumped a lean being. It tackled Des from above and left some claw marks on his vest. Before Des could do anything and just as fast as it showed itself, the monster disappeared into the shadows again. Des fell down on his back and lost his concentration, giving the Hulk-like being its freedom again. It roared and charged the three, ignoring Percival on the floor.

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I have a terrible idea05. December 2018

The Metal-Hulk bounced and in a few leaps rammed into Des. As with the machete, the beast did not make contact with him. It stopped short of touching the skin. But unlike the machete who stopped…

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