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I have a terrible idea
05. December 2018

The Metal-Hulk bounced and in a few leaps rammed into Des. As with the machete, the beast did not make contact with him. It stopped short of touching the skin. But unlike the machete who stopped then, like it hit an invisible wall, the Metal-Hulk was not slowed in his movement. It was Des who got pushed aside, and slammed against a wall. Some pain shot up from his left arm.
Metal-Hulk stood in front of Des and slashed at him. Des raised his left arm, ignoring the screaming pain. And again the Metal Hulk didn’t touch him. But this time it was the Hulks movement that stopped, even with Des’ shaking and - to his horror - now bleeding arm, his block was firm and unyielding. The Hulk-thing tried it again, but could not touch Desmond. It roared with frustration and began searching for another target.


Standing back up, Percival looked at the situation before him. Feeling angry at his previous failure from attacking the monster, he charged straight at it again. This time he made it to the monster without any fail and began unleashing a fury of attacks with his metal stick and baton combination. Pushing the monster back slightly, he jumped onto the monster, trying to knock it down.


The unknown enemy in the shadows readied his next attack, when Vivien made a move. She had almost died of a heart attack as she witnessed Des being knocked away by a panther like thing, thus unleashing the hulk again. Luckily, he and Percival got a grip of the situation.

She felt powerless - but there was one thing she could help with.
“Gladys!”, she shouted, “Turn on all lights!” - “At your service, Miss Baldwin.”, it immediately replied. - One after another, a lot of lights turned on.

“And I shall shed my light over dark evil, for dark things cannot stand the light, the light of… Gladys”, Vivien mumbled faintly - not too confident with the ending.

The program automatically picked up Vivien’s reference and started playing the Green Lantern Movie theme.

When Vivien turned the light brighter, all could see the structure of this two story room. It seemed like a parcour that was designed to lead them to the next stage/floor.


The sudden sound and light confused the Hulk as well as the panther-like being that was now visible. A humanoid being that was clearly also showing cat-anatomy with fur.

Metal-Hulk tried to shake of Percival but failed. He chose his second best option and charged the closest viable target: Vivien.


“No!”, shouted Des and made a sudden downward movement with his hand to bind that thing to the ground. Coincidentally, Percival had a found a great spot on the back of that things head to beat the short part of his baton in.
It fell.
And it was not in the slightest a normal fall. It hit the ground like it was a cannonball shot from close range. Percival felt the sudden speed of that thing under him and jumped away at the right moment. Because the next thing that happened was the Hulk smashing right through the floor, leaving a big hole behind.

The panther like being seized the moment and also disappeared through this new exit, leaving our four test subjects behind.


The four took a moment to scan their surroundings. There were obstacles, ladders, ropes, swings, you name it. Someone had way too much fun designed this floor.

This parkour looked like Ninja Warrior had a baby with Takeshi's Castle. There were even metal elements in the parcour which couldn’t be reached, so Des would have had a great time trying out his powers.


And then they looked at the open hole in the floor, which lead directly to the level below.

“Please refrain from skipping mandatory testing steps”, Gladys chimed in, “They are valuable for future experiments.”
At the bottom they saw Metal-Hulk laying there. Motionless. No trace of the mutant Panther could be seen. All in all, it seemed like a normally equipped office floor from what they were able to identify.


Vivien was still trembling - but eventually things worked out for her. Now she was unsure - there were two options of which one seemed like a shortcut. The other option seemed like hell of a fun place - according to the circumstances. “Gladys - what good do I gain if I hit the playground?”

“Better armament”, Gladys answered plainly.


Percival looked around the area and sighed. “Ugh, that looks like a pain to go through,” he said as he inspected the giant hole. Looking at the hole and back to the parkour area, he began to smile. “I have a terrible idea,” he uttered, peering at the hole. Next thing, he ran and jumped into the hole that the monster had created. Landing onto the monster with a sickening crunch, Percival screamed in pain as he broke one of his legs. “I’m not okay! I-I’m in a lot of pain!”, he shouted as he looked around.


Des looked in disbelief at the things that just happened around him. It was an out of body experience, as he saw himself doing what seemed insane to him. Somehow metal appeared like a fluid body in his mind that he could manipulate. He looked at his bleeding and throbbing arm. A nasty but clean cut in his upper arm, and he was glad to see that it was not some claw that made that cut but a piece of plastic that used to be a room sign. It still stuck out and was now covered in his blood. Des ripped a strip of his shirt and made a makeshift bandage. The wound was deep but luckily no blood vessels where severed.

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Vivien's challenge12. December 2018

Looking around the area, Percival noticed that this floor looked like any other office. Feeling that his legs were no longer broken after a few moments, he stood up and walked around the office.…

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