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Vivien's challenge
12. Dezember 2018

Looking around the area, Percival noticed that this floor looked like any other office. Feeling that his legs were no longer broken after a few moments, he stood up and walked around the office. Taking his baton into one hand, he explored the place being cautious of any monsters that might roam the area.

From what he was able to see, this floor didn’t have any special constructions. Luckily, there was also no trace of that Panther thing.

He wandered a little around and then it hit him. He recognized this section of the floor as the one were prototypes of portable “Glady”’s were built.

In the meantime, Vivien went ahead. “Better armament”, she thought - seemed like they could need it. Plus the parcour looked fun to do - if this place was meant to be fun. “Okay, I’ll do it”, she said towards the others. She hoped that one of the group would be enough - if not, at least she herself had a bonus. Having in mind the recent fight she needed a bonus most in any case.

Before she started, she put off all the armor they’d gotten - there was no way she could pass ninja warrior in armor and helmet. The area seemed safe for the moment, too.

When she had put off everything, she announced: “Gladys, I am ready.” - “You can start any time, Miss Baldwin”, Gladys answered.

“Here goes nothin’”, Vivien mumbled and started the parcour. First stage was a rather static exercise, with a lot of wires cast across a chamber. Vivien was dead sure the wires would cut like knifes if she touched them. Slowly and carefully she bent around the wires making her way through looking almost like a snake. It was not the hard part - it was an exercise of the art of staying calm and focused.

Two minutes later she’d made it. Without a scratch she had carefully gotten through this trial. What was in front of her was more challenging - in strength and in artistics. In front of her was a ladder. It led her up to a platform of about three meters. In fast pace she climbed it up. The next challenge were rings - five rings that hung from the ceiling. Each probably at a distance of one meter to the next - and in a distance of about six meters another platform. She somehow had to get from ring to ring. Something she would enjoy - having mats or something underneath her. Here it was more like - an office floor.

Carefully, Vivien bent over at the edge to grab the first ring. She got it - and with both hands in it she plucked up her courage and began to swing. A fall at about three meters over ground possibly wouldn’t kill her - but surely she could hurt herself badly if she were unlucky. In the second forward swing she grabbed for the next ring and successfully made it. Again with both hands in the second ring she built up momentum to go for the third. It was not difficult for her holding herself up like this - it was something she was pretty used to. Swinging forward she got the third - and with still a lot of momentum and being a little cocky she tried directly going for the fourth - but it was as they say: Pride will have a fall. She slipped off the fourth ring - being lucky she still could keep hold of the third but twisting her shoulder in the process which gave her a soaring pain. “Fuck!”, she gasped in pain and angry for herself. For a moment she swung in the third ring, putting more weight in her right side, than in her left. Hurting ones shoulder halfway through a stage like this wasn’t exactly a great precondition.

She needed to go on - more on her right, she picked up momentum to go on. Now with more dedication and necessarily a little jump she got the fourth ring. Immediately, the pain stung through her left shoulder. “Only one more”, she thought and clenched her teeth. Somehow in a mixture of pain and mental will she made it into the fifth ring - and with a swift move onto the second platform.

Immediately, she kneeled down and started to hold her left shoulder, pushing and squeezing it. She made a one minute break, massaging it until it felt slightly better. At least the next, and as it seemed already second to last, obstacle was one she could do more or less standing. It was a bridge made of planks that were like half a meter apart. No rail, no safety.

Soft as a cat she moved onto the first plank with one foot. The bridge was more stable than it looked. Being mentally and physically prepared for a fall, she carefully advanced over the planks with just a minimum wavering. It was not too hard - it was just all about not stepping into the hole. She made this one premium.

On the last platform, the course was more or less zig-zag, she looked at the final obstacle. It was a little like a mixture of both that she had been through. It was again a bridge. But the bridge was now just thin sticks - and they were not arranged like a hanging bridge before, but like the rings. Each hung for itself being like a swing - and having a hurting shoulder was definitely not a bonus here.

“Oh great”, she mumbled to herself in a sarcastic tone. Also height had risen a little over the past obstacle, taking her to around four meters now - falling started to no longer be a good option. After caring another minute for her shoulder, she started her final obstacle grabbing the ropes and stepping on the first stick. There were again five in total. She had no good plan on how to switch to the next one. She could only pick up momentum and in the right moment grab for the ropes of the next step - and then somehow manage to stand on it. What could possibly go wrong.

She did it exactly like this and was amazed how good this worked out. On the second step again she did it the same way. Things worked out pretty well cause she could do most out of her legs here. Having her rhythm, she continued.

The last step gave her a shocker - in transition from step four to step five she missed one rope falling completely out of balance and dangling in the wind like a flag. But she managed to hold on tight with her right, sliding all the way down to the stick and burning her hand. With a fierce glow in her eyes she swung up her legs onto the stick and made her way back up. “I will not loose here!”, she thought overpowering the pain.

Eventually, she made it to the final platform. “Hey Gladys, I made it”, she announced in a mixture of exaltation and hate and continued lowly: “I hope it was worth it.”

Before her, she found again five lockers. It didn’t take long until she found the one she could open with her fingerprint.


During that, Desmond and Gavin had a manly moment building a contraption to get down the hole a lot safer than Percival. They found some broken furniture, gaffa tape and made something architectural apaling but structurally great out of it.

A big thud sounded behind them. It was Vivien who had found a trigger to let down a hidden ladder from the parcour. As she descended, the two man inspected in awe a Galil strapped on her back. Naturally, they wanted to inspect it closer. It was loaded (35 rounds), which was a nice gesture but the trigger was also fingerprint locked. No way for the others to use it. It was Vivien’s gun. Gavin told her some of the most important facts about gun safety and how to handle it and hoped for the best.


Gav’ and Des’ thought about climbing the ladder, but the decision was taken from them. When Vivien had reached the ground, it automatically retracted again. They looked at each other and decided to not try the parkour since some elements got damaged while Vivien aced it.

Since they couldn’t find another exit out of this floor, the three went down the hole and met up with Percival. He told them about his findings on this floor and Viviens eyes lit up with delight. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a version of the portable Gladys lying around that was anywhere near being finished.


Suddenly, a sharp wind nearly knocked all four of them off their feet.

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