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We leave, or what?
19. Dezember 2018

In disbelieve, one of them questioned their eyesight: “D- Dave?”

He nodded. “Props for taking care of me up there”, he thanked them with a slight distorted voice. His whole appearance seemed a bit blurry. It felt like their eyes couldn’t focus clearly on him. “Oh, I know what I can do for you”, he realised and in a blink of an eye disappeared. Heavy wind picked up again, threw over chairs and whirled paper around the room. But it only took two seconds before he was standing there again. Now with four devices in his hands that appeared just as blurry as him. “Oh, I think it will be easier for you to pick it up if I let them down”, he explained as he laid the things on the desk next to him. They seemed to be some kind of watches. No, wait. It was an advanced version of the portable Gladys. It didn’t have a display but RGB projectors. Did they finally manage to get the holograms working?!

“I am sorry to leave you behind already but I have to get rid of something”, Dave explained before disappearing again. Following the uptaking wind, they saw the office stairwell leading down. It wasn’t blocked here!


“Hey! Come back!” Percival shouted as he ran down the stairwell, chasing after Dave. Dave looked really strange back there like he wasn’t all there, kinda like a hologram of some sort or maybe he had a superpower which made him look like that. Just what was he trying to get rid of?

Des followed Dave and Percival down the stairs, he could not make out where Dave was, but Percival was clear two flights ahead of him. Des chased down the stairs trying to keep up with Percival. He took two steps at a time, and due his haste, he stumbled and fell half a flight of stairs down. Des smashed in the wall and was a little dizzy and bruised but so far ok, apart from the cut that started to bleed again. He needed to get some better bandage to protect the cut and stop the bleeding.

He could hear Percival at some distance down stairs, slamming a door. Did he leave the building? Des looked around and saw a janitors closed, he tried to open it. Fortunately, it was unlocked. He took a look inside to see if he could find a first aid kit. Des was lucky to find a rucksack with a well stocked first aid kit besides a defibrillator on the wall. He removed his makeshift bandage, cleaned the wound with some alkohol from the kit, put some desinfecend on the wound, and finally put a compress and a bandage on his arm. He swung the first aid kit over his shoulder and hastened after Percival.


On the ground flour, he saw Percival, Vivien and Gavin standing in the lobby - besides the exit! They used the time he needed to bandage to assess the situation. There were no traces of Dave. They thought about searching him, when suddenly music started playing. The group looked and Vivien but she shrugged her shoulders. She checked on Gladys and found out that it was started by Dave.

“We leave, or what?” The question hung in the air and was underlined by a huge explosion below them. Was this Dave’s doing? No time, the building began collapsing!

Des held off some of the metal ceiling beams while Vivien helped identify the next breaking elements.

Thanks to their collaboration, they got out of the building in time before it completely collapsed. But it wasn’t over yet. The asphalt on the road before them broke open and a horde of what appeared to be zombies rushed out and into the town. Since our group was covered in the dust and clouds of the demolished building, they ignored them for the moment and rather populated the otherwise empty town.


“Ah shit,” Percival muttered. He eyed up the humanoid creatures that were prowling around the area, some stumbling about and some walking. Grasping his weapon tightly, he walked a few steps towards the horde, ready to attack if anything went wrong. To his surprise, the monsters did not seem to pay him any attention and continued walking around as if he wasn’t there. “Huh neat,” Percival shrugged while looking for a way out.

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Walked paths

Walked paths
Fresh Autumn Wind 07. Januar 2019

The fresh Autumn wind blew away the dust and the sun fought through the cloudy sky. The realisation that they finally had left the building set in.


“We should…

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