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Fresh Autumn Wind
07. January 2019

The fresh Autumn wind blew away the dust and the sun fought through the cloudy sky. The realisation that they finally had left the building set in.


“We should get lost”, Vivien said, “...and as fast as possible!” - The creatures that appeared to be zombies did not yet notice them, but with the clearing wind, it would only be a matter of time. She was the only one who had a weapon and she had zero experience on how to use it. She couldn’t give it to Gavin, who looked more like the gun-type, because it was again fingerlocked. All in all, chances in fight weren’t the best, she’d summed up.

With the zombie party going on, they would need to find a quick escape route - a lot of cars were without owners - in the middle of the street. Maybe when the cars were left there, there wasn’t even time to pick up the keys. At least, chances weren’t as bad as with a parked car. Another option would have been the underground station, which was pretty close - but they all saw the zombies coming from underground. So the underground station was not an option for her.

“Any ideas?”, Vivien asked.


Gavin looked around and noticed the same things as Vivien. “No matter where we go, there will be a bunch of those bastards getting in our way”, he reasoned, “Let’s try one of the bigger cars first. They looked at the best options and tried starting up some cars. Unfortunately, they weren’t working anymore for some reason. And to top it off, some nearby zombies heard the commotion and headed now for their direction.


A little shaky Vivien held up the Galil - Gavin had given her some instructions. It was armed and ready. She could have fired any time - but she imagined if she’d fired, all zombies around would notice them the latest. It was a situation where she needed to carefully balance pros and cons. Yet, none of the zombies had closed in as far that it was a threat by now - but that was just a matter of seconds. “I think we shouldn’t hit the marketplace”, Vivien mentioned - there was just too much open field. Too much zombies whose attraction could be drawn.  “We should go for the backstreets” There were zombies in any direction anyways - so they had to break through into one direction. “Let’s head north and see how far we can get!”


Lacking a better alternative, the group decided to go north and try to disappear in the alleyways of the town. But before that, the five zombies that charged them craved for attention.

It was a bizarre fight. A battle were everyone tried to make as little noise as possible to not attract any more enemies.

Percival decided to just beat the closest one with his two battling sticks. The hitting sounds only partially rose above the constant moaning and shuffling of the other zombies in the area.

Gavin went for all or nothing and tried to take over one of the zombies. He sat down and left his own body behind, only to shift his spirit to one of the enemies. - It was a success! The thing didn’t have much conscious to begin with, so it wasn’t hard to possess it. He turned around, tackled one of the other zombies approaching them and speeded of as far as possible.

Desmond took all his might together and shifted one of the nearer compact cars to tackle the remaining two zombies. The sound of rubber being dragged over concrete was worrisome but luckily not loud enough. One was immediately crushed and the other one knocked to the site. Vivien spotted her opportunity for an easy kill and beat the prone zombie with the end of her gun, finishing him off.


Once Gavin had returned to his body, they chose to leg it and head for the narrow streets of the town further up north.

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Freedom14. January 2019

The group headed north, trying to use the shortest distance out of the city. Their instinct was the right one. While the zombie-like beings flooded the town, an army sifted through the town on the…

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