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14. January 2019

The group headed north, trying to use the shortest distance out of the city. Their instinct was the right one. While the zombie-like beings flooded the town, an army sifted through the town on the main streets. It was good that they weren’t anywhere near that.

“Gladys, what is happening?”, Vivien asked for a question without answer was more worth than blank ignorance. Gladys’ AI was advanced enough to understand the context of their situation and pulling data from wherever it was possible. Helpfully it replied: “It seems like the Dragonfly Corporation has taken new measures to get the upper hand on this situation. Every resistance will be met with deadly force.” The group exchanged blank stares.


It began to darken. They day was almost over and cold autumn wind howled through the alleyways. After some meters and between the brick and concrete walls to the left and right of them, they saw the greenery that signalled them their chance for escape from this madness.

And then they saw it. Right before them, the Panther-like being that escaped the building with them was rummaging through the trash, apparently looking for food. It was humanoid but clearly also showing cat-anatomy with fur. And it noticed them. Swiftly it turned around and hissed. Jumping up and charging them.

Des reacted fastest. With his mind, he grabbed a trash bin that stood besides a back entrance and flung it up and against the panther-thing. He hit it alright, but it did not have the intended effect. The trash bin got smashed to the side by the panther which just charged on.

Vivien immediately got her weapon at the ready. She sensed that it could become troublesome trying to be super-silent with this opponent. It was kill or be killed. Adrenaline was rampaging in her body. She put her finger on the trigger and the weapon reacted to her - going to lock and load. Vivien tried her very best at aiming and to remember what Gavin told her about breathing and stuff. The panther being was fast - a pretty unfair first time opponent.  

Then she pulled the trigger. A single shot lashed through the air and missed it’s target. She handled the recoil not too poor and tried two more times with growing fear as it came closer but couldn’t score more than a graze shot. Luckily Des was there.

Des used the distraction and used a metal balcony on the first floor of the adjacent building. He brought it crashing down on the thing. This time he had more success, the metal crushed around the panther thing and trapped it, but it looked like it would not hold for long. So, Des tried to squeeze the metal into a bowl to encase it completely, he seemed to get a grip on his skills and he managed to immobilize it, at least for the moment, for it fought furiously against the metal restrains. Des walked around the heap of metal and panther, not daring to get to close. Together with the others, he ran on down the alley towards the greenery.

Running away from the beast, Percival knocked some trash cans down trying slow down the monster from catching up to it. “Out of the fire and into the frying pan, I guess!” Percival chuckled while running as fast as he could from the monster.

The panther grabbed its cage and melted the metal in its paw-like hands. Soon enough, it was free again and immediately started the chase. But not for long, as some taser-like weapons struck it in its path. Vivian’s shooting attracted the attention of the mercenaries. They secured the surroundings and casted a net over the panther. Gav, Percival, Vivien and Desmond hid behind the next corner and watched the scene play out. It seemed like the soldiers were ordered to capture the experiments. Just one more reason to leave this godforsaken town.


As soon as the panther was pulled away and onto the main street, they continued their escape out of town. Luckily for them, they found more left behind vehicles in the suburbs. And finally also one that still had its keys in the ignition. The mutated four didn’t waste a moment and drove off as far and fast as possible.

Des turned on the radio and music filled the air and pushed away the silence. Nobody knew what the future would bring. But the fear grew that this past day was just the beginning. However, they did made it. They had escaped this city.


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