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22. November 2019

The Viper releases and slithers off into the undergrowth. You don't see exactly where it went nor could you care less - you have been bitten and that is what counts.

The first symptom of a Viper bite is pain. A burning searing pain that consumes all of your leg and places embeds itself firmly into your mind. But you know this is only the first sign and, unlike the others, it will not kill you. You have to act.

You stagger to your feat and rummage inside of your bag for your satellite phone. It must be their somewhere. You find it. 


So blasted slow. So. Blasted. Slow. 

Out of coverage

Mentally you swear. You trusted that phone, you had been around the world with it and it had never failed you before. The pain threatens to over whelm you. You feel like giving up, it'll only take a few hours before the venom's work is finished. No! You are not going to die like this, in pain and alone.

You are still wondering whether to go up the hill to try to get coverage or to try to make it back to the road when a man starts walking towards you. 

Rescue you sigh in relief. "I've been bitten."

He looks from your pained face to your rapidly swelling leg and, without saying a word, heaves you over his shoulder and sets off back up the hill.

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