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24. November 2019

The helicopter is waiting at the top of the hill, rotors turning. A second guy wearing the same gray BDUs helps get you into the chopper and jabs an IV into your arm. The one guy is shouting to the other, something something stat!

The pain that had been moving up you chest takes another intense spike and the world goes dark.



Wake up. Pain, pain everywhere! But not dead. Pain means not dead, which is better than dead and no pain ... if someone will please take away the pain!

Where are you? It's pitch dark. You can't move. You can't even inhale to call for help! You — your mind clouds over, and you sleep.


Wake again. Still a lot of pain, but more bearable. Still pitch dark, still can't breathe, but you can feel a warm bed.underneath you. Which is better than cold, wet, tick-infested grass. And, not dead. Yet.

You can hear someone next to you, a professional-sounding woman. "Tactile looks stable. We'll do the optics tomorrow." The clouds close in again.


This time, light! You squint my eyes closed as you hear someone snap, "Dim all the lamps, he doesn't have full control of them yet!" Her voice sounds deeply tired.

The lights dim, and you open your eyes again. A face is looking down at you, strangely hued with colors that you have never seen before and cannot name? Serious drugs, you think.

"Adam? Don't try to talk yet, we are still working on replacing those parts. Can you blink your eyes once?"

You do. 

"Wonderful! You are in our medical research lab and are getting the best and latest tech available to replace all the parts of your body that were damaged by the supersnake venom. I am Doctor Yoon, and we will talk more later. Have a good rest!" She reaches for something behind you, and the clouds close in again.

 As consciousness fades, your mind is frantically trying to fit thoughts of supersnakes and replacement body parts together with the thought that all this is probably not covered by your medical insurance ....

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all this is probably not covered by your medical insurance


Also, is this Dr. Moran inspired?

Do you mean Moran Cerf (


If so, not really. This is just an Area 51-ish conspiracy story, more or less. Might send the main character into an ethical dilemma about what his saviors require of him in exchange for the maintenance needs of his cyberbody.


Not sure yet, somewhat distracted this week by more unbelievable fictions like having to replace a dead washing machine. Life.