Little Green Men
27. November 2019

♂ ☿ ♀ ♁ ♂ ☿ ♀ ♁ ♂ REBELLION ON MARS ♂ ☿ ♀ ♁ ♂ ☿ ♀ ♁ ♂

I stared at the output of the intelligent extraterrestrial life search analyzer again. Too much time up here working on the dark side of the Moon, I thought, makes Janey go looney.

Then I opened a chat window.

lunalab3:chatlink>CONNECT RQ 23 MARCH 2064 ENTER ID

lunalab3:chatlink< ucnasa3325


lunalab3:ucnasa3325> call ucnasa29933

lunalab3:chatlink>CALLING ....... CALLING ...... CONNECTED UCNASA29933 LARS


lunalab3:ucnasa3325> Lars sry to bother

saganlab:ucnasa29933> Np Janey hows the weather professor

lunalab3:ucnasa3325> great 110 deg K clear skies zero pollution, no beancounters

saganlab:ucnasa29933> wish i could say same here! wassup

lunalab3:ucnasa3325> waste your time, should not even bother, but ASETI is squealing

saganlab:ucnasa29933> songs of little green men again?

lunalab3:ucnasa3325> after media crap last time i am not going to talk to anyone without a PhD

saganlab:ucnasa29933> gah. agreed. so u are talking to me, i am nobody?

lunalab3:ucnasa3325> no cutie u are my PhD. lets go private and bitch about beancounters


lunalab3:ucnasa3325> ENCRYPTION REQUEST

saganlab:ucnasa29933⎆ ENCRYPT KEY EXCHANGED

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ thx again sry to dump on u

saganlab:ucnasa29933⎆ dump away beautiful just u and me listening

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ so, ASETI … stupid software doing very hard sell

saganlab:ucnasa29933⎆ ?

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ i dont wanna say this

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ i think its real this time


saganlab:ucnasa29933⎆ real little green men?

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ video

saganlab:ucnasa29933⎆ oshit

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ thin reedy looking humanoid. could be fx

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ text asking talk to scientists only

saganlab:ucnasa29933⎆ hoax, grad students again

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ yeah, could be xcpt they all left two weeks ago

saganlab:ucnasa29933⎆ hack?

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ hack could be

saganlab:ucnasa29933⎆ got a source track?

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ planetary

saganlab:ucnasa29933⎆ has to be a hack. mars?

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ u got it in one. signal dips on deimos and phobos orb periods

saganlab:ucnasa29933⎆ pretty detaled hack.

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ and video background looks like coprates chasm

saganlab:ucnasa29933⎆ srs hack!


lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ uh. dont think so. gut feeling

saganlab:ucnasa29933⎆ youve got a pretty smart gut

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ my gut is missing you

saganlab:ucnasa29933⎆ okay what can i do

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ just look it over tell me its not for real

saganlab:ucnasa29933⎆ what if it is?

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆ dont tell anyone just get on the next shuttle and come hold me baby pls

lunalab3:ucnasa3325⎆cuz i just met the martians


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