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29. November 2019
  • 2063 /251 ucnasa73655 Archibald Conor Bruce MacKinnon. First log entry as Coprates Chasm Science Team Leader. First Contact Janelle Robinson and her team departed the Havens today on the Imstoshai transporter, enroute to Luna Lab 3.
  • What they have achieved here in fifty … sols, is nothing less than a transformation of the human race, our introduction into the galactic community of intelligent species.
  • At least, they have opened the door. It remains to be seen whether we can follow in their footsteps.


"The pleasure of following in the footsteps of someone like Dr. Robinson,” Archie growled, “is that there’s no lack of grand opportunities to do great things.”

"Yes, Dr. MacKinnon?” the bull-necked woman replied respectfully.

"Archie, please. Dinna like unnecessary honorifics, Lydia, we are all one team here. The trouble with it is the only hope of looking halfway able is not to drop anything she had going, which is nigh to impossible!”

Lydia grinned at him. “Yet some of us heard rumors of backroom arm-twisting on the edge of criminal behavior that someone used to put you in your current position.”

"Ach. It’s mostly true. I am my own worst enemy.” He flipped a tablet to her. “You aren’t allowed to read this, so I am not showing it to you. Those are the responses to my message recommending shutdown of the atmosphere generating stations."


She skimmed through them, pausing once or twice as a terrifying frown transformed her normally peaceful expression. Then she looked up at him and passed the tablet back.

"I am glad that I did not read any of those responses, and very glad that I am not the person who those responses were sent to. Because if I were you, I would be much too likely to do something … impulsive.”

Hearing the dark echoes in her voice, he looked up at the team biochemist. “Balls, I apologize, Lydia. I did not mean to stir any memories of …”

"It is not a problem, Archie. The person I was and his memories will always live inside me, but I am never going to make eyeyeds or any kind of bomb again for any cause. Not just because I am a woman now, but because I understand that there is no answer in violence.”

Archie smiled up at her and offered a fist-bump. “So, going to do your first violin recital tonight?”

"I might as well,” she sighed, tapping back. “It’s a little daunting, playing for an audience of thousand-year old trees, you know?”

  • 2063/252 ucnasa73655 Archibald Conor Bruce MacKinnon. Secure log entry follows, project level DM03 nodist nofwd. Unclassified subject: terraforming
  • Responding respectfully to those in authority, I acknowledge your directive and will not discuss the terraforming issue with any others, including fellow team members, and will not respond to Imstoshai inquiries on the topic. 
  • Since all team members are in contact with the Imstoshai groupmind, I expect that they will quickly learn about the issue. As a preventive measure, I am directing all of them to avoid the topic entirely and discuss any such matters with me only.
  • I remain convinced that every day that the reactors continue to operate bring us closer to an adverse response from our hosts that will probably terminate this project and may possibly result in expulsion of all human outposts on this planet. Consider how humanity would react if hypothetical visitors from Venus began increasing CO2 and methane concentrations again to increase mean world temperatures up to the 900C levels that would be more comfortable for them!
  • End secure log entry.
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Interesting story so far. Looking forward to read more. :-]