Poem "This gift of mine"
02. March 2020

This gift of mine

Served me oh so fine.

No matter the language

I could order a sandwich.


For everything that I speak, you see,

People listening hear it in their A B C.

And the best thing about this peculiarity

Is that everything happens automatically.


However, on one fateful day 

That talent caused great dismay.

I just wanted to order a typical burger

But the cashier looked like she saw a murder.


Horrified, the woman leaned over and whispered into my ears:

‘That language hasn’t been spoken in thousands of years!’

The gears in my head slowly started spinning,

“Can I still get the burger?”, I asked first, grinning.


She hesitated, but went and got my meal

Even though she was lacking any zeal.

While munching on my Thursday dinner,

She observed me, her eyes filled with a shimmer.


To make a long and complicated story short,

Apparently she saw me as her new god.

I tried to dissuade her from this uncalled-for faith

But she thought this a test and feared my wraith.


Waiting on receiving a greater mission for life,

She followed me around like she was my wife.

For her it was a kind of scholarship,

Overall, I just enjoy the growing friendship.

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