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Make a House a Home
10. April 2020

I was disturbed in my peace when the radio started to act weird. It rustled for some seconds and then stopped playing at all. I got up to inspect it when the doorbell rang.


I hesitated and thought to myself ‘Who was that?’ I mean, ringing the doorbell is at least a nice gesture. I slowly approached the door and looked through the door spy. An elderly lady about ⅔ my size stood there. She didn’t look menacing at all, so I opened the door.


“Good day?”, I welcomed her. She wore a grey cardigan, some dark-grey pants and … well, grey overall. Even her skin seemed paler than average.


“Day, is it day?”, she appeared confused for a bit and looked up into a dark, spinning cloud that looked like the lovechild of a volcano eruption and a Beaufort scale 10 storm. “Nevermind, yes, hello my dear! I saw your house and decided to pay my neighbour a visit.” She gave me a big smile.


I took a step outside of my home and looked around. “Oh, you live near here? Where is your house?”


“Oh, don’t be a silly goose. I hid it, of course. An elderly lady like me can’t risk being exposed to all the nasties around here.”


“Oh, oh. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, actually,” I conceded and felt stupid for planting a house down into the open.


“You don’t seem to need that caution”, she noted and tilted her head slightly. “A pretty bold move, as I dare say.”


A cold shower rained down my spine. “No!,” I laughed tensely, “Me? No, I am absolutely fine down here. And hey, if the only thing I get is lovely visits from my neighbours, I have nothing to worry about.”


She returned what seemed to be a warm smile but I could swear her teeth were pointier than they had any right to be.


“Apparently so, sonny”, she nodded and looked into a direction where there wasn’t anything apparent to see. “I have to go now but I would love to have a cup of tea with you someday.”


“Sure,” I replied after some seconds of thought, “uhm, where can I … Can I call you?”


“Oh, I will find you. And if you are looking for me, I will know”, she replied, bowed slightly and head off.


‘Well, that wasn’t terrifying at all,’ I thought to myself and closed the door, again. And imagined an extra lock for it and locked that, too.


I walked a bit around my house. Even though that exchange had been weird, it was my first real talk besides the one with the imp. Maybe there was a way to get along with the residents here.


I finally decided to call it a day and headed to bed. Maybe I will get a clearer picture on what to do tomorrow.


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