Apocalypse Town - Zombies!
A Story from the "Apocalypse Town"-Series
Language: English
Genre: Action, Drama, Horror
Story-Mode: Adventure
Link: Link to our Discord
Date of Creation: 29 August 2018
Status: Sleeping
Closed Group: Yes

General idea behind Apocalypse Town

This series of “Choose-your-own-adventure”-type stories give you a great opportunity to try out the “Adventure”-type Story-Mode. Each story revolves around one specific type of catastrophe. It could be a natural disaster, a zombie outbreak or you fleeing from the police.

The goal is always the same: Find a way to survive/overcome the disaster. Regarding the examples above that would mean to survive or to successfully escape the police.


How does it work?

You can play as yourself or any character you want. The important thing is that you are (at least most of the time) a normal human being trying to overcome the given obstacle.

I will not be participating as a character but as the game master of the story. My role will be to give the overall setting and give cues on how the environment reacts to your actions.
If you want to try something, like opening a closed door, trying to successfully jump start a car or climb a wall, you will have to test your skills. You can use our Sidekick-Bot in our Discord-Server to check if it works. The logic behind it is as following:

  • Each test of skill will usually be checked with two six-sided dices
  • Therefore, the general Discord-Command will be “/r 2d6”. This means the bot should roll with two six-sided dices.
  • I will give modifiers if someone performs acts that fall under the “Rule of Cool”.
  • The results can be sorted into three categories:
  • 1-5 is a failure. You can’t do what you want to do and something bad happens.
  • 6-9 is a mixed success. You can do what you planned but it comes with a cost. It could be a worse outcome, a hard choice you have to make or a price you have to pay to still get the result.
  • 10-12 is a clear success. You will do what you set out to do and do it in great style.

This gives the story a bit more flexibility and “randomness”. Also, it is vital to these kinds of stories that not everything goes to plan and the characters have to rethink their situation and plans. Don’t ask yourself what would be the easiest but what the best story would be! We can define together what the concrete result should be for each situation.


Depending on how many people register for the story, we will form groups. Each group will have access to an online Google Document. The writing process will be the same for each group:

  1. Each week, the group writes the next step (Story-Block) of the story together. I will partake in every Google Document and play all NPC (Non-Player-Characters).
  2. Questions to me can be tagged with “@Ash” directly in the document.
  3. After all writers have partaken in the process and the Story-Block is ready, I will give green-light for it to be posted on Story-Bat.


How do I participate?

Anyone is allowed to participate! Write a comment here (or on Discord) and confirm to me that you have accepted the following rules:

  • You are able to participate in your selected group once a week. Current goal is to have each Story-Block finished on Wednesday.
  • You will try to make the best story, not the easiest escape.
  • Be considerate to other players. Actions that will have an effect on other characters should be discussed with the owner of that character first.
  • You are able to use the secret superpower called common sense.

As soon as there are enough registered, we will start the first path.

If you have stumbled upon this Story-Page after the first group has already started, don’t fret! There is currently no ending period for this story. Just write a message here or on Discord that you are interested and I will message you as soon as there are enough people for the second group to start.


So, what will this story’s focus be?

I held a poll on Discord and the winners are… Zombies!
(Source for thumbnail image of this story: Björn Söderqvist – “Zombie crowd!”)

You will start your journey in the following town:

Map of the Town

(Map created with


Usually, I wouldn’t give out a map right away. But since this is the first adventure, I will cut you some slack. However, you won’t know what the buildings themselves contain.

As soon as enough people have gathered to form a group, I will place you all in one or two locations. From there on the goal is simple:

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

I will let you find out what survival really means. ;-]


Team Alpha

Team Beta

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Walked paths

Walked paths
Team Alpha begins12 September 2018

[Day 1 – Saturday Morning - Autumn]

We find ourselves on the fifth floor of an office building in the town center [1].

One of the most walked paths with2 steps

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