August Update

Fellow Bats

It's time for another update!


Story-Bat Interview

I am tremendously happy to link to a spotlight from FastComet where they interviewed me about Story-Bat.

The spotlight talks about the work that went into Story-Bat, how it is hosted and what exactly Story-Bat is.

Please feel free to share the link!

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Site-Visibility Update

I have added some more tags and markers to Story-Bat so that search-engines may list our page a bit higher up on certain search requests.

Just as an example, going on our homepage gives the new tab-title "Story-Bat | Writing, Reading, Collaboration, Community".

These changes immediately grabbed the attention of over 1'000 bots that crawled Story-Bat, again. So, I am already confident that those changes have positively affected our visibility in the writing community.



We breached 1'800 Followers! To be precise, 1'865 people are following Story-Bat on Twitter as of this writing.

If you want to see some sweet tweets and have some insight into the #WritingCommunity on Twitter, have a look here:

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I won't tire about promoting our Discord-Server!

Join us to chat about stories or submit your newest vss365 snippet~

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As always, I wish you a good flight~