Partnership with WriteHive | Twitter Growth

In this month's news, I would like to celebrate the newly found partnership between WriteHive and Story-Bat!

We are now allies in our quest to bring writers together.


What is WriteHive?

WriteHive is an online, non-profit, all-digital convention designed to celebrate the diversity, accomplishments, and community of writers and literary professionals around the world. They offer livestream presentations, exhibits, and other public outreach activities with the intent to connect members of the community and foster collaboration, inspiration, and growth.


I am incredibly happy to have found some more likeminded people in our Writing Community with which to celebrate our favourite hobby or even profession.

You can find out more about WriteHive under:

We will also list WriteHive in our new "Partners" section in our



Expanded Writing Family on Twitter

And now to something not so completely different: We have reached almost 3'700 Followers on Twitter!

Our reach in the #WritingCommunity is growing and with every new writer our horizon expands. We have much to learn from each other and I am happy to have found you all on this journey of mine.



Last but not least, I want to thank everybody who has tweeted about us or made Story-Bat more known in any other way. We don’t have any big marketing budget, so every little help counts. And word-of-mouth has proven to be a great attractor for new people.


Thank you for your continuous support!

I wish you a happy flight~