Animal Preserve
High tech in the wilderness
Language: English
Genre: Science fiction
Story-Mode: Classic
Link: Animal Preserve on StoryWars
Date of Creation: 20 November 2019
Status: Sleeping
Closed Group: No

A long distance backpacker wanders onto a wildlife research facility, only to discover that the facility is creating wildlife with enhanced and deadly abilities. 

This is my first try at posting to Story-Bat; any advice, comments, criticism gratefully welcomed!  The tale is one I started on before the admins announced its closure.


The forecast says that spring has arrived? Maybe this part of the forest will go along with the joke in a few more days.

Not a problem, you learned long ago to wear extra layers. Wave to the shuttle driver, tighten the pack straps, and head up the slope for another week on the trail. 

Ah, wilderness! 

Well, except, this security fence with red, white, and blue signs warning against trespassing? A dented sign lying on the ground says that this is -- maybe was? -- a wildlife research facility. 

The concertina at the top of the fence slopes back toward you. So, is the fence protecting you from the wildlife, or the other way around?

In the open fields beyond, you can see a few low buildings. You can't see any animal activity, though, human or otherwise. Abandoned? The fences stretch out over the hills, marring the view.

Something flashes bright red in the brush!

Curiosity kills cats, but it also keeps life interesting. You set your pack down and crawl through a gap in the barrier.

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The Cost of Curiosity20 November 2019

The high grass is definitely tick territory. Fortunately, you are wearing permethrin - treated clothing.

As for the…

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