Secret Scribble Santa 2019
A Story-Bat Event
Language: English
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Science fiction
Story-Mode: Adventure
Date of Creation: 15 December 2019
Status: Concluded
Closed Group: No

This is the Story-Page for this year’s Secret Scribble Santa event.

I hope you enjoy the different story-gifts from our authors.

Feel free to also post your story here. The more stories, the better! =]


~ Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyful Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays, Righteous Spaghetti Monster in the Sky Week, Joyous Platypus Day, or whatever other holiday you celebrate this season. Oh, and may the Force be with you. ~


Secret Scribble Santa

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Walked paths
If I Could Be Like That24 December 2019

[A modern romantic fantasy story for @ElenaWrites#3423]


“Ooh! MuseXSound’s newest episode just got uploaded!”

The group of college kids gathered on the dorm sofa, excited…

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Wintertide Gifts08 January 2020


[A short holiday fantasy romance for  @RogueW01f84 ‍]


“And that’s the bunting up!”  Elisia stepped back, hands on hips, to proudly…

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The Wolf Girl: A Journey19 December 2019

[A short story about a wolf going on a journey to save her cub for @wolfgirldeadprincess]


Year seven...

Reya was the first of the litter to master her human form. Sahi…

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The Sins of Humanity17 December 2019

A sci-fi/fantasy short story for @George WL⚡ #7183


To whomever finds this,

I can only imagine the circumstances that brought you to this letter,…

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Tessa’s Quest18 December 2019

[A sci-fi/fantasy short story for @QueenAqua#7419]


A young engineer hunched over some electronics. She inspected tech that seemed ancient but at the same time highly advanced. It…

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