Demo Story [Adventure-Mode]
With tips and suggestions
Sprache: Englisch
Genre: Aktion, Abenteuer
Story-Modus: Abenteuer
Link: FAQ-Page
Erstellungsdatum: 03 März 2018
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This “story’s” main purpose is to show you the site-functionality for a story written in Adventure-Mode.
I will write one sequel and also show off some possibilities on how you could use the site.


This is in no way a complete overview and I am excited to see what you will create out of the base functionality.


You can use this story and its contents to see how “Bookmarks”, “Steps”, “Favourites” and the interplay between walked and charted paths work. You can even write dummy comments or Story-Blocks here to get a hang of the site before you start your real story.


For this adventurous story, let’s have an example hero called Sir Batington. He travelled for some time and it is already afternoon when he reaches his destination: Example Town. He searches for an epic quest because he is bored as hell. After entering the town, where should he go first: an inn, a bar, the castle, or the church?


And with that example above I have already shown you a way of using this teaser text for your story. You could talk about what you plan to do or what you want to achieve with this story. You could also set up rules or explain how someone could join this story if you have set the writing rights only to specific people (“Closed Group”).


I would recommend you to always set up a basic scene like above so people know where to start from. In contrast to mine, I would propose to give a little bit more love for the details.

How does the town look? Is it prosperous or desolated? How is it build? Is everything wooden, made out of stone or are some other materials in there too? What is the general attitude of the people in this town? Are they friendly and open to strangers; or rather reserved or even hostile?

Give your collaborators enough content to pick up from.


You can find more helpful hints in the FAQ.

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Beschrittene Pfade

Beschrittene Pfade
You try to steal something from the market09 November 2018

Same logic as on the other paths. Describe what the main action is and following that, what happens.

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Beschrittene Pfade
You just stand there and shout for help09 November 2018

You can't be arsed to look around. You scream on the spot for some attention.


Maybe someone comes? Maybe they ignore you. Here would be the description for that.

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Beschrittene Pfade
You venture to the castle09 November 2018

First of all, you want to know who is running this town and maybe has some contracts for you.


Followed by a description of the castle and who he meets. Maybe he has to stop at…

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Beschrittene Pfade
You head straight to the bar09 November 2018

It was a long road you travelled and you are thirsty. Drink first, then decide what to do next.


Followed by a description of the bar and who is currently there.

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Beschrittene Pfade
You go the the inn first09 November 2018

You decide to head to the inn first. Maybe the inkeeper knows some stuff. If everything else fails, you will maybe be able to secure a bed for the night.


And then a description…

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Kartographierte Pfade

Kartographierte Pfade
You go to the church [Demo Story-Block]03 März 2018

This is a “Story-Block”. Story-Blocks are sequels to the story-page itself or to another Story-Block.


The title of…

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