Happy Holidays & Development Break

Dear Everyone,


In the spirit of this time of year, I want to thank you all again for being part of Story-Bat!

You have helped me creating a community out of this site. It isn’t just an idea in my head anymore but a real place I gladly check on every day! :-]

I wish you all the best for the next year and hope you are able to spend some restful moments with your loved ones.



I want to use this broadcast as an opportunity to announce my plans for the better first half of 2019: I am going to travel the world!

From mid-January to the beginning of May, I will be visiting Japan, New Zealand, Hawai’i and Canada. Naturally, I am going to use every opportunity I get there to promote Story-Bat. ;-)


What does this mean for the site?

Well, I have configured it in a way that allows me to access it from anywhere in the world. So if any problems arise, I should be able to handle them. However, the site accessibility was quite good without any big manual labour from my site. So, rest assured that Story-Bat will remain online.

The online downside to this is that I won’t post any new content myself. I hope you can reduce…

Video-Tutorial-Playlist finished!

The „Story-Batorials“ encompass now 14 Videos with a total running time of 35:18 minutes.

Here is the link to the playlist on YouTube:


The playlist covers all the functionality of our site.

Naturally, you can always also check our FAQ (

Winners of our November Raffle 2018

Congratulations to our Raffle Winners!

Facebook: Benjamin Hanimann, Kenshj Savary and Fuxx Hartmann

Twitter: Chef, Michael Eugster, Joelle, Violeta, Dying Heartbeat, S.P. Joseph Lyons (Author), Rebecca Renner and Morgan

Discord: @-Spooky- ‍, @Der Herr Koi ‍, @Aegros Dalend ‍, @Hiki ‍, @nEmai ‍, MeguTomes and figue

Our Rando-Mat has chosen and you will all receive your respective Steam-Game-Keys soon!


For the curios, here are the contents of our raffle pool:

SUPERHOT, Sanctum 2, Tumblestone, The Black Watchmen season 1, Master Spy, Tiny Echo, Back to Bed, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, Dreaming Sarah, Painters Guild, Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition, Ancient Planet, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Guns of Icarus Alliance, Cities: Skylines – Snowfall, Blade & Soul Giveaway Pack, FOTONICA, Doodle God


Thank you all for being a part of Story-Bat!


Christmas bauble


We wish you a great December~

Bug Fixes 28th November 2018

This is probably the biggest push (after our release) that we have achieved on Story-Bat! I think everybody has earned their presents this year. =]

You can find detailed pictures about this bug report on our Discord Server!

General bugs / Desktop View

  • “My Account” view: If switching from “Profile” tab to “Payments”, the “Profile” tab went up
  • On profile pages of users that don’t have an avatar picture, there is just an empty space
  • In the same vein as bug #2: Under “My Bookmarks” on the “People I Follow” search, the user was appearing without an avatar picture after the search confirmation
  • “Home” button alignment issue on the breadcrumbs
  • Word-Changes on Story-Pages and Story-Block:
    • “edited” to “Edited” (only SP) because it looks better,
    • changed “Favorited” into “Favourited” because British English rules, and
    • changed “steps” into “Steps” so it looks better for a title.
  • The title “Story-Page” wasn’t centered properly vertically
  • The title “News” (and some other elements)…
  • Story-Spotlight & Reminder for the Raffle

    Apocalypse Town - Zombies!

    With "Failed test subjects" released yesterday, "Apocalpyse Town - Zombies" has created its 11th Story-Block!

    I want to thank Team Alpha for exploring this town with me: @-Spooky-@Hiki@nEmai ‍ ‍ @Aegros Dalend ‍ 


    November Raffle

    You can find out all about our running raffle in this post:

    Only a little bit more than a week left to participate! :-]

    How to create a story on Story-Bat

    I did it, mum! Longest tutorial video so far:

    I hope this video gives you a good overview on how to create a new story on Story-Bat yourself.

    Tutorial about our Story-Modes

    The newest tutorial video is up!

    In it, I talk about the Story-Modes we currently have. It is a good insight into one of the capabilities of Story-Bat.

    You are welcome to share this video to show off our "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure"-Mode. ;-)


    Our next video will be about creating a new story on the site. I have heard feedback from some people who were unsure as to how to correctly fill out a new Story-Page. You can look forward to that video next week!

    November Raffle

    I champion you all to tweet, post or in general talk about using the #storybat hashtag on any of your social-media sites.

    At the end of November, every Facebook-, Twitter- and Youtube-follower as well as active people in our Discord will enter a raffle to win some steam keys to Metro 2033, Strata, SUPERHOT and lots of other games!

    So fly and good luck to you all!

    Batman Thumbs up

    Progress on Ad revenue

    I want to thank those that have clicked on the ads on our homepage.
    (Hint: You find them on some pages at the bottom of the right sidebar)

    I already made 0.50 CHF in the last month and am probably going to receive about CHF 4.- for this month. This sounds like nothing or that I am mocking it but I am dead serious!
    When I say every little bit counts then I mean it! Until we find people that are willing to support Story-Bat directly, those ad revenues help finance the server costs.

    Even just those 50 cents mean that I have to pay 50 cents less out of my own pocket for the servers.


    I wanted to make sure you know that your actions do have an impact!

    Thanks again and happy writing~

    Kermit Writing

    Facebook Fanpage set up

    In another push to get the word of Story-Bat out, we have created a Facebook-Fanpage:


    If you are roaming FB or know people there who might be interested, please forward them this page.