Planed downtime for the website

Starting on the 2nd of July 2019 at 1 AM UTC the Story-Bat website will not be available for approximately two hours. During this maintenance window, a number of security vulnerabilities known as Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) will be dealt with.

Rest assured, there have been no attacks and your data is safe. This is a precautionary measure.


If you want to learn more about MDS, you can read up on this page:


I am sorry for the inconvenience! I wish you nice weekend and happy writing.

1'111 Followers on Twitter!

Just a short news for today but an important one.

Our reach within Twitter has grown in the last few months and I wanted to celebrate that.


Wish you all a wonderful day!

Huge Discord Update

Fellow Bats! I hereby bring news from our Discord Server.

I have done a major revamp on the channels and the automated functions. Let’s take a look at each category:


Top channels

The “#rules and infos” channel has been updated with the bots we use. You can find links to the respective bot-commands here:


Additionally, I have publicised an application form there for moderators and event coordinators:…

I am back.

Yes! I am back from my vacation with a bag full of experiences.

And I already bring good news about Story-Bat. I was able to put some effort into Twitter in the past weeks and have successfully gathered over 660 Followers!

So, while we are still a long way from being “known”, some people already were visited by the Story-Bat and are listening to its messages. =]


The main focus will now be put on gathering a bigger audience for Story-Bat. Be it directly on the site, on our Discord-Server or via Social-Media like Twitter. In the end, if we gather enough interest, we should also get more funds (via ads or direct support) to develop Story-Bat further.


Feel free to join our Discord for more frequent news.


I wish you a good flight through your stories ~

Happy Holidays & Development Break

Dear Everyone,


In the spirit of this time of year, I want to thank you all again for being part of Story-Bat!

You have helped me creating a community out of this site. It isn’t just an idea in my head anymore but a real place I gladly check on every day! :-]

I wish you all the best for the next year and hope you are able to spend some restful moments with your loved ones.



I want to use this broadcast as an opportunity to announce my plans for the better first half of 2019: I am going to travel the world!

From mid-January to the beginning of May, I will be visiting Japan, New Zealand, Hawai’i and Canada. Naturally, I am going to use every opportunity I get there to promote Story-Bat. ;-)


What does this mean for the site?

Well, I have configured it in a way that allows me to access it from anywhere in the world. So if any problems arise, I should be able to handle them. However, the site accessibility was quite good without any big manual labour from my site. So, rest assured that Story-Bat will remain online.

The online downside to this is that I won’t post any new content myself. I hope you can reduce…

Video-Tutorial-Playlist finished!

The „Story-Batorials“ encompass now 14 Videos with a total running time of 35:18 minutes.

Here is the link to the playlist on YouTube:


The playlist covers all the functionality of our site.

Naturally, you can always also check our FAQ (

Winners of our November Raffle 2018

Congratulations to our Raffle Winners!

Facebook: Benjamin Hanimann, Kenshj Savary and Fuxx Hartmann

Twitter: Chef, Michael Eugster, Joelle, Violeta, Dying Heartbeat, S.P. Joseph Lyons (Author), Rebecca Renner and Morgan

Discord: @-Spooky- ‍, @Der Herr Koi ‍, @Aegros Dalend ‍, @Hiki ‍, @nEmai ‍, MeguTomes and figue

Our Rando-Mat has chosen and you will all receive your respective Steam-Game-Keys soon!


For the curios, here are the contents of our raffle pool:

SUPERHOT, Sanctum 2, Tumblestone, The Black Watchmen season 1, Master Spy, Tiny Echo, Back to Bed, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, Dreaming Sarah, Painters Guild, Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition, Ancient Planet, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Guns of Icarus Alliance, Cities: Skylines – Snowfall, Blade & Soul Giveaway Pack, FOTONICA, Doodle God


Thank you all for being a part of Story-Bat!


Christmas bauble


We wish you a great December~

Bug Fixes 28th November 2018

This is probably the biggest push (after our release) that we have achieved on Story-Bat! I think everybody has earned their presents this year. =]

You can find detailed pictures about this bug report on our Discord Server!

General bugs / Desktop View

  • “My Account” view: If switching from “Profile” tab to “Payments”, the “Profile” tab went up
  • On profile pages of users that don’t have an avatar picture, there is just an empty space
  • In the same vein as bug #2: Under “My Bookmarks” on the “People I Follow” search, the user was appearing without an avatar picture after the search confirmation
  • “Home” button alignment issue on the breadcrumbs
  • Word-Changes on Story-Pages and Story-Block:
    • “edited” to “Edited” (only SP) because it looks better,
    • changed “Favorited” into “Favourited” because British English rules, and
    • changed “steps” into “Steps” so it looks better for a title.
  • The title “Story-Page” wasn’t centered properly vertically
  • The title “News” (and some other elements)…
  • Story-Spotlight & Reminder for the Raffle

    Apocalypse Town - Zombies!

    With "Failed test subjects" released yesterday, "Apocalpyse Town - Zombies" has created its 11th Story-Block!

    I want to thank Team Alpha for exploring this town with me: @-Spooky-@Hiki@nEmai ‍ ‍ @Aegros Dalend ‍ 


    November Raffle

    You can find out all about our running raffle in this post:

    Only a little bit more than a week left to participate! :-]

    How to create a story on Story-Bat

    I did it, mum! Longest tutorial video so far:

    I hope this video gives you a good overview on how to create a new story on Story-Bat yourself.