How to create a story on Story-Bat

I did it, mum! Longest tutorial video so far:

I hope this video gives you a good overview on how to create a new story on Story-Bat yourself.

Tutorial about our Story-Modes

The newest tutorial video is up!

In it, I talk about the Story-Modes we currently have. It is a good insight into one of the capabilities of Story-Bat.

You are welcome to share this video to show off our "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure"-Mode. ;-)


Our next video will be about creating a new story on the site. I have heard feedback from some people who were unsure as to how to correctly fill out a new Story-Page. You can look forward to that video next week!

November Raffle

I champion you all to tweet, post or in general talk about using the #storybat hashtag on any of your social-media sites.

At the end of November, every Facebook-, Twitter- and Youtube-follower as well as active people in our Discord will enter a raffle to win some steam keys to Metro 2033, Strata, SUPERHOT and lots of other games!

So fly and good luck to you all!

Batman Thumbs up

Progress on Ad revenue

I want to thank those that have clicked on the ads on our homepage.
(Hint: You find them on some pages at the bottom of the right sidebar)

I already made 0.50 CHF in the last month and am probably going to receive about CHF 4.- for this month. This sounds like nothing or that I am mocking it but I am dead serious!
When I say every little bit counts then I mean it! Until we find people that are willing to support Story-Bat directly, those ad revenues help finance the server costs.

Even just those 50 cents mean that I have to pay 50 cents less out of my own pocket for the servers.


I wanted to make sure you know that your actions do have an impact!

Thanks again and happy writing~

Kermit Writing

Facebook Fanpage set up

In another push to get the word of Story-Bat out, we have created a Facebook-Fanpage:


If you are roaming FB or know people there who might be interested, please forward them this page.

Advertisements on Story-Bat

Some of you have already noticed that Google ads are being displayed on some pages:

  • Ongoing Stories
  • Concluded Stories
  • News
  • Story-Pages (but not Story-Blocks)
  • About/FAQ


    These ads are always on the same bottom spot in the right sidebar, see also the following picture:

    ad placeholder


    Ads will never show up on other spaces and we will never try to trick you into clicking on one.



    The reason I have implemented ads here is that with realising this dream of mine I also generate costs. The site will be free to use for everyone but creating and managing a website doesn't go by ones wallet unnoticed. There are fees for hosting the site and mail-servers. Keeping the website up-to-date and maintaining it also occupies a lot of time. And I plan to do lots of improvements to the site with new functionality. For all of this, funds are needed.

    Unfortunately, the "Support-Us"-page hasn’t seen…

    Twitter and Reddit, here we come

    We now have a channel on Twitter -

    You can find news about the site, story ideas and other story-talk on it.


    We have also created a Subreddit-Page -

    Feel free to discuss Story-Bat and story-writing in general there.

    Apocalypse Town is live!

    The first community event has started!

    “Apocalypse Town” is a “Choose-your-own-adventure”-type story that gives you a great opportunity to try out the “Adventure”-type Story-Mode. Each story revolves around one specific type of catastrophe. It could be a natural disaster, a zombie outbreak or you fleeing from the police. The goal is always the same: Find a way to survive/overcome the disaster. Regarding the examples above that would mean to survive or to successfully escape the police.

    You can play as yourself or any character you want. The important thing is that (at least most of the time) you are a normal human trying to overcome the given obstacle.


    You can find out more on the Story-Page:

    The first group is already on its way. Will you be part of the next?

    Story-Bat Tutorials are rolling out

    Here is the list to our playlist on Youtube:


    In there, you will find videos explaining the different parts of our website. If you have any questions, ask them here, in Discord or directly under the corresponding Youtube-Video.

    4 Tips for finding the time to write

    If you find yourself stuck in your writing while arguing that you just don’t find the time to do it, the following tips could help you.


    Make a habit out of it

    Find the times when and where you write best and try to repeat those conditions. Implement daily routines in which your mind gets prepared to lay down that well-written text.

    Have a morning procedure where you write down some ideas and scenes before breakfast. Does a shower give you inspirational thoughts? Reserve some time after each shower to sit down and write.



    Just write everything down. Freewriting is a technique to overcome writer’s block. Either type on your keyboard or write everything down with old-school pen and paper.

    To try it out: Give yourself a topic to write about, like a scene that you want to finally get to paper. Set your clock to a 10 minute countdown and then jot down as many sentences as fast as possible. Don’t hold back, don’t start to edit and if you get stuck, just write stuff like: “I don’t know what happens next. Could the scene end like that? Or should it …”

    When the alarm rings, you may have…