Story-Bat – Promo-Video

Every good website has a promo-video to broadcast its awesomeness.

And so does Story-Bat now! Please enjoy our short clip. :-]

We would really appreciate it, if you share the video with your friends or talk about Story-Bat on your social-media channels.

What Story-Bat needs the most now is to grow its community. So, bring them over! We have a warm place for every new bat.

Cozy Bat

Welcome to your new home!

Since this site is new for everyone, I think a little introduction is sensible.

  • Home
    • This is the overview of the site and a big display for user-generated content.
  • Ongoing Stories
    • Here you will find a list of running stories which you can filter to your liking and a button to jump to a random story.
    • Registered users have additionally an option to start creating a completely new story.
  • Concluded stories
    • In contrast to the Ongoing Stories page, this page lists finished stories or stories that haven’t been updated for a long time.
    • Naturally, this table will be empty in the beginning.
  • News 
    • Well, that is where you are right now. Here you will find news about the website, the stories on it and upcoming events.
  • About / FAQ
    • For (hopefully) any question you might have, you will find an explanation in the About/FAQ-section.
  • Support Us
    • On this page you will…

We are online! [in a kind of Beta-Mode]

We did it! Story-Bat has finally an official website.


Please feel free to look around and enjoy that “new car”-feeling.

As always, we have our official Discord-Server for live-chat via text or voice. I am looking forward to reading/hearing from you all and I can’t wait for the first stories to appear. :-]


Please note that the website is brand new and can therefore have some teething troubles. I have tested the site thoroughly in the last months but bugs may still be hiding in some corners.

Use our Contact-Form or the Discord linked above to notify me about difficulties or recommendations.