Positive Feedback from Reddit and more bug fixes

The ad on Reddit runs flawlessly and we have received lots of positive feedback from the Reddit-Community!
You can see the comments here:
I am inmeasurably grateful for the positiv receiption on Reddit and hope this will be our proving ground for gathering a much bigger community! =]


Improvements for the notification functionality (on-site and E-Mails):

  • New Story-Pages and -Blocks get correctly referenced by their title instead of an excerpt from the content.
  • Links to new Comments for Story-Pages and –Blocks are now displayed in mails. No more guessing where the comment originated.
  • @Mentions in comments work with notifications. Now you get properly linked to the location where the “@” was placed
  • Setting the E-Mail frequency in your “Settings” to “Never” will now also work for “@”-mentions. No more unsolicited notifications, yay!

Story-Bat is out of beta! (and more updates)

Beta-Phase is officially over

  • We can look back at over three successful months of Beta with 99.99% server uptime.
  • Some wonderful writers joined our site! Shoutout to @Aegros Dalend ‍, @Naurin ‍, @-Spooky- ‍ and @Der Herr Koi
  • We eliminated over 100 pesky bugs and made the state more stable overall.


Ads for Story-Bat

I am currently waiting for an approval by Reddit to host my first ever ad for Story-Bat.

The Reddit Ad  will be online 15. – 21.07.2018 and cost me about $80.

It will focus on following subreddits:


I am also currently trying to get a post on Imgur trending. IF you have an account there, please upvote following post:

The Snowflake Method (or How to have a good design for your stories)

Today I want to show you a special technique for writing stories that has helped me a lot for my story “Dunkle Energie” (Dark Energy).

Multiple people have come up to me and asked me how to write longer stories. It’s easier to write short stories that are only a few pages long. But as soon as they start writing longer and more elaborate stories, they write themselves into a corner or forget what they have written before.

That’s why I want to show you the Snowflake Method by Randy Ingermanson:

This guide for a story design is a great tool to get some structure into your creativity! You start with some basic sentences, paragraphs and character sheets. And before you know it, you have your first synopsis of your story that gives you a great overview of what you want to tell with this text.

Hit me up with any questions or tell me how it was for you to try out the Snowflake Method! I am really curios about how you would use it. How Ingermanson says: Every writer is different. Take those parts from the Snowflake Method that seem useful to you and forget the rest. Let there be many different Snowflakes in this world!

Story-Bat VLog

This took much longer than anticipated but I finally did it!

I don't know if this will be a thing I will do regularly. Like I said in the VLog, we can find out together what works the best for Story.



Please subscribe to our Youtube-Channel for direct updates.

Support scientific research while writing stories

Most of our computers nowadays are better performers than those used for the moon landing. Heck, even our smartphones are superior!

And now imagine how bored your computer is while you write your stories. It can’t render some fancy graphics and doesn’t need to calculate complex operations as long as you are painting a wonderful picture out of words. Wouldn’t it be cool if all of this idle computer power could be used to treat cancer or help stop tuberculosis?

Well, now is your chance: Donate unused CPU cycles to the world community grid!


Please let me explain.

When a researcher wants to … well, do research that involves a lot of computational power, he has basically three options:

  • Book a Supercomputer which costs a ton of money
  • Do all the computation on his own PC and wait for approximately ten years
  • Use Grid computing – a bunch of standard computers worldwide linked together that work on the same problem and send in their results

Story-Bat – Promo-Video

Every good website has a promo-video to broadcast its awesomeness.

And so does Story-Bat now! Please enjoy our short clip. :-]

We would really appreciate it, if you share the video with your friends or talk about Story-Bat on your social-media channels.

What Story-Bat needs the most now is to grow its community. So, bring them over! We have a warm place for every new bat.

Cozy Bat

Welcome to your new home!

Since this site is new for everyone, I think a little introduction is sensible.

  • Home
    • This is the overview of the site and a big display for user-generated content.
  • Ongoing Stories
    • Here you will find a list of running stories which you can filter to your liking and a button to jump to a random story.
    • Registered users have additionally an option to start creating a completely new story.
  • Concluded stories
    • In contrast to the Ongoing Stories page, this page lists finished stories or stories that haven’t been updated for a long time.
    • Naturally, this table will be empty in the beginning.
  • News 
    • Well, that is where you are right now. Here you will find news about the website, the stories on it and upcoming events.
  • About / FAQ
    • For (hopefully) any question you might have, you will find an explanation in the About/FAQ-section.
  • Support Us
    • On this page you will…

We are online! [in a kind of Beta-Mode]

We did it! Story-Bat has finally an official website.


Please feel free to look around and enjoy that “new car”-feeling.

As always, we have our official Discord-Server for live-chat via text or voice. I am looking forward to reading/hearing from you all and I can’t wait for the first stories to appear. :-]


Please note that the website is brand new and can therefore have some teething troubles. I have tested the site thoroughly in the last months but bugs may still be hiding in some corners.

Use our Contact-Form or the Discord linked above to notify me about difficulties or recommendations.