About Story-Bat and its creator

First of all, I would like to introduce myself properly so everyone knows who stands behind Story-Bat:
My name is Mile and I am living in Switzerland. My liking for information technology has accompanied me since I am able to think. That is also why I am working in the field of Business Informatics.


I love everything about fantasy, be it in the form of books, podcasts, films, or games. There’s nothing like the thrill of stepping outside of my everyday world to immerse myself in the trials of a band of adventurers as they quest through a richly imagined world.
And I love writing; alone or together with other people. Creating whole new realms out of nothing is simply fascinating. With the dawn of the internet (and in particular online forums) collaborative writing became a big part of this pastime activity.


I still enjoy participating in BRPGs (Board-Roleplaying-Games) on classic forums like WBB3, but as the years passed, I found the functionality provided there lacking. This is where the idea for Story-Bat emerged. I fostered this brainchild for almost two years, resulting in an elaborate architecture specification; a definition of what Story-Bat should, nay needs to be.


Story-Bat is a platform where you can write stories on your own or together with other people. The site supports classic linear storytelling like most known literature. But you can also create ‘Choose-your-own-adventure”-type stories where the reader has a selection of possible sequels to choose from. Besides creating and reading content, you can also enjoy quality of life features like setting bookmarks (so you always know where you left the story the last time) or messaging friends on-site.


I thank you thoroughly for reading this little intro and for your interest in the website! I hope you will take part in my/our journey. I can’t wait to open up the gates (or cave to give a more apt allegory for a site that has a bat as a mascot) for you and see you creating new worlds with all of the Story-Bats on here!

In this spirit, have a good flight~


PS:  If you don’t find answers to your questions in the FAQ then please contact us directly or via Discord.
You can also use this contact form if you are interested in working with us, be it in the form of videos or other collaborative projects.

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