The Lady and her Spy
Language: English
Genre: Action, Romance
Story-Mode: Adventure
Date of Creation: 31 July 2018
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She finally had a night off from being a newly appointed single parent. Well, not totally, she kept her phone on the bar in front of her just in case her nephew and new dependent Trevor called and wanted to come home from the sleepover. In any case, this was the first evening since Evie’s brother Noah and his wife Carly had died that Evie didn’t have Trevor in the house. It had been a year and a half. One year in Kansas City and now they had moved three hours south to Wichita. Evie and Trevor had needed the change. Using the money from the insurance policies, Evie was able to buy a nice house in College Hill to fix up and use for both an in-home office and a potential AirBnB. The policies had provided more than enough for the both of them to live comfortably, not that Evie was at all thrilled by the sudden windfall. She took some joy that Trevor liked his new school and had finally made a new friend, Jonas the boy at whose house Trevor was spending the night.

The bartender brought Evie her Nitro Merlin stout. Stouts had always been her favorite. A man sat down a stool away. Part of Evie hoped she would become invisible. She didn’t want the only night out in a long time to be spoiled by unwanted attention. Evie pondered her looks in the mirror on the opposite side of the bar. Her olive skin and dark hair popped her light brown eyes, but she was no model. She had a full figure inherited from her mother that set curves in many of the right places and a few in less preferable places like the pooch on her midsection. No matter what she did, the pooch persisted. Evie considered the ponytail and unmade face that gazed back at her. She had just finished an afternoon of painting and did not look like she was ready to party. Good, I look exactly how I feel.

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Enter the Spy31 July 2018


Il-Su sat in his usual seat at the bar. Of course, he noticed the woman who occupied the seat just one stool away. How could he not notice her? She was new and Il-Su…

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