Advertisements on Story-Bat

Some of you have already noticed that Google ads are being displayed on some pages:

  1. Ongoing Stories
  2. Concluded Stories
  3. News
  4. Story-Pages (but not Story-Blocks)
  5. About/FAQ



These ads are always on the same bottom spot in the right sidebar, see also the following picture:

ad placeholder


Ads will never show up on other spaces and we will never try to trick you into clicking on one.



The reason I have implemented ads here is that with realising this dream of mine I also generate costs. The site will be free to use for everyone but creating and managing a website doesn't go by ones wallet unnoticed. There are fees for hosting the site and mail-servers. Keeping the website up-to-date and maintaining it also occupies a lot of time. And I plan to do lots of improvements to the site with new functionality. For all of this, funds are needed.

Unfortunately, the "Support-Us"-page hasn’t seen much action yet, so I have to find other ways to have at least a small income to cover the hosting costs.


How to disable the ads?

You will find a checkbox under Settings - Site preferences - Show advertising. Like mentioned on the checkbox, you will need to donate to the site once to disable the advertising. Additionally, you can also re-enable the checkbox there if you want to support Story-Bat further.

Ad checkbox


The ad display is not elaborate. Thus, a simple ad-block can stop it from showing. Therefore, I humbly request that you put on the whitelist of your ad-block-software.


What happens if Story-Bat doesn’t generate enough income?

Well, in the “worst-case” scenario the site will stay like it is and I will administer it in my free-time. Best-case would be that I get enough support from all of you to make this site my full-time job! Since this is a pretty big leap forward, I have designed steps along this path.

You can find out more in our FAQ-section under “For Supporters/Patrons”.