Bug Fixes 28th November 2018

This is probably the biggest push (after our release) that we have achieved on Story-Bat! I think everybody has earned their presents this year. =]

You can find detailed pictures about this bug report on our Discord Server!

General bugs / Desktop View

  1. “My Account” view: If switching from “Profile” tab to “Payments”, the “Profile” tab went up
  2. On profile pages of users that don’t have an avatar picture, there is just an empty space
  3. In the same vein as bug #2: Under “My Bookmarks” on the “People I Follow” search, the user was appearing without an avatar picture after the search confirmation
  4. “Home” button alignment issue on the breadcrumbs
  5. Word-Changes on Story-Pages and Story-Block:
    • “edited” to “Edited” (only SP) because it looks better,
    • changed “Favorited” into “Favourited” because British English rules, and
    • changed “steps” into “Steps” so it looks better for a title.
  6. The title “Story-Page” wasn’t centered properly vertically
  7. The title “News” (and some other elements) wasn’t aligned properly vertically
  8. The Search-field was absent on some “My Account” views like the “Profile”-page
  9. Improved the gaps at the top of the “Profile Settings” view
  10. On Internet Explorer (10, 11) the link ”Contact Form” in the footer was moved up above the social media icons or sometimes even overlapped them
  11. On IE (10, 11) and Edge (17) the filter elements for Story-Pages were always exploded and couldn’t be minimized
  12. On IE (10, 11) and Edge (17) the “Title” and “Comment” fields had different background colours
  13. The social media icons in the footer were jittering a little when changing the tabs on the “About/FAQ”-page. For example, while switching between the different “About your account” question
  14. On some */user pages (example: Profile, Notifications, Settings) the header spacing was too big
  15. On the “Ongoing Stories“ and “Concluded Stories”-pages: Sorting after "Status" (by clicking on the column title) gave a site-error on some up-to-date browsers
  16. The “Remember me” checkbox was not always working
    • If you first entered, the checkbox was not working on every browser.
    • If you made a failed login attempt (for example with a wrong password), the page reloaded with the info and the checkbox suddenly was working on all browsers.
  17. The styling on the "Most Active"-view was off for some SP elements
    • Some created elements by users had a broken style (author, genre and bookmark link).
  18. On every Story-Block: "Go to the prequel of this Story Block" had no German translation
    • Fixed to "Gehe zum Vorläufer dieses Story-Blocks"
  19. Notification page > "There no notification for this moment."
    • Correct: "There are no notifications at the moment."
  20. Some changes to the admin interface because I deserve nice things, too

Tablet View bugs

  1. Link to “Contact Form” in Footer was jammed into the social media icons
  2. The menu button was in the middle of nowhere
  3. Under “My Account” while navigating the tabs, the whole “My Account” row would disappear
  4. The title “Private Messages” and the corresponding create-button were not placed properly and didn’t match the overall layout
  5. Tooltips were sometimes shown out of screen
  6. The link to ”HOME” wasn’t placed in the center

Mobile View bugs

  1. On the “Ongoing Stories” and “Concluded Stories” pages, a horizontal scroll was not displaying under the table
  2. On the “About/FAQ”-Page some yellow outlines on selected elements destroyed the overall colour design
  3. Another fix for spacing. This time between the horizontal scroll bar and the tables under “My Bookmarks“
  4. Under “My Account” – “Profile Settings” long image descriptions for the avatar broke the frame
  5. You were able to scroll horizontally on the “News”-, “My Friends”, and “Profile Settings”-page even though there was no additional content