News for July 2019

Fellow Bats!

I wanted to update you on the current happenings because that is what this news-section is for. ;-)


New job

Since July, I have started a new full-time job.

My main task concerns software automation, which is a fascinating topic. On top of that, the company is very close to my home which means I can walk to work, yay.

Having a full-time job again naturally means that I cannot invest as much time into Story-Bat as before. But don't fret, I don't want our dear site to collect dust or even shut down.

Story-Bat and the accompanying social-media channels (primarily Twitter and Discord) will persevere. It just means that I need more activity from my fellow authors. Meanwhile, I will try to continue my writing on my story Dark Energy (German), too.

What Story-Bat needs most at the moment is content.



We have reached 1'300 Followers with our main focus on writers and story-lovers!

If you come across story-writing content (or other inspiring stuff), please tag us with @storybat.

We would love to share your findings or own work!



Our Discord-Server is fully setup and operational. Unfortunately though, it is quite quiet in there. Please feel free to stop by or tell your friends about it. We have many lurkers but not many writers.

Our Discord is a place where you can talk about your stories, participate in server events and talk about hobbies as well as other RL stuff.



I am looking forward to meeting you all!

I wish you a good flight~