Secret Scribble Santa & New Writing Tips

Hello fellow Writing-Bats~

Today, I would like to focus on the following two points:


Secret Scribble Santa

We will be hosting a Secret Scribble Santa for the weeks up to Christmas/Hanuka/Festivus/what-ever-you-celebrate. It will go like this:

  1. You sign yourself up to be part of this event. With it, you send me your requirements/wishes for a short story via PM; be it the mentioning of certain characters, a plot you have in mind or a general setting. Just give enough information so your Secret Scribble Santa has something to work with. Sign-up has started today, 10th November.
  2. I will randomly assign you your secret giftee on the 17th November. Naturally, this means I need to have received all the wishes from the participants until then.
  3. You will have time until 22nd December to write your short story and post it in the event-channel that I would create for this event.

Important: Nobody expects you to write a book. The general guideline is 2'000 to 3'000 words but write as you see fit.  For example, exceptions can be made for poems and the like which can be shorter. The only thing I really care about is that you put effort and love into your work.

Please visit our Discord ( to participate in this event.


Fundamental writing tips

With permission from @_thewritersclub, we are hosting their eight fundamental writing tips on Story-Bat. You can find them in our in the section "Guides" under "Writing Tips & Tricks" (German: "Tipps & Tricks fürs Schreiben"). Happy writing!



Last but not least, I want to thank everybody who has tweeted about us or made Story-Bat more known in any other way. We don’t have any big marketing budget, so every little help counts. And word-of-mouth has proven to be a great attractor for new people.

Thank you for your continuous support!


I wish you a happy flight~