An untypical day in hell
What the hell am I doing here?
Sprache: Englisch
Genre: Fantasy, Erwachsen, Philosophisch
Story-Modus: Abenteuer
Erstellungsdatum: 02 März 2020
Status: Ruhend
Geschlossene Gruppe: Nein

Warnings: Explicit language and adult themes



Our poor protagonist wakes up in hell. They don't really know why they were sent here since they tried to be a good human being on earth.

After meeting the first resident, they find out that they have abnormal strong powers here in hell. That they were strong enough to take over at least part of this realm and rule it. However, they are still unsure why they are here and if it's all a test. So, instead of going mad with power, they try to stay a good person even in hell.


hellish good view

[Picture from John Pavelka - Gas Crater Darvaza, Turkmenistan]

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Beschrittene Pfade
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