Blue Boundary
Sprache: Englisch
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Philosophisch
Story-Modus: Klassisch
Link: Blue Boundary
Erstellungsdatum: 15 März 2020
Status: Ruhend
Geschlossene Gruppe: Nein

A small voice fades away in the river, utterly alone.

Fourteen year old Dares returns to his childhood hometown of Riverview to attend high school after several years spent living with relatives. His return triggers the development of empathic abilities, gaining the unwanted attention of spirits born of resentment and hailing from a world that never was. As Dares fights for survival, he slowly learns that they are not so different, as they too seek to preserve their existence - by stealing his.

What does this have to do with a forgotten promise to a beautiful woman in white?

And what answers wait past the boundary?

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