How do the different Story-Modes work?

Currently, Story-Bat provides two different Story-Modes:

Only the Story-Block with the most Steps will be listed under “Walked Path”. The “Classic”-Mode provides a more linear approach and highlights the one ‘official’ story-path.
The interface of Classic is meant for linear story-telling (this happens, than this, than this).

The top five (most Steps) Story-Blocks will be listed under “Walked Paths”. In contrast to Classic, adventure favours multiple sequels and shows them to the reader more prominently.
“Adventure”-Mode is meant for ‘Choose-your-own-adventure”-type story-telling where the reader has a selection of possible sequels.

Tip: You can foster a wider variety of sequels to your submission if you leave your part of the story open ended. For example, your character could be standing at a cross-road where he is left with the decision which path it should take.

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