How do I participate? Why can’t I participate? (Closed-Group)

If you are a registered user, you are able to take part in any story as long as it is open for everyone.
Every Pathfinder can set his Story-Page (and with that the whole story) to “Closed-Group”-mode. In this mode, only users selected by the Pathfinder are able to post Story-Blocks. In conjunction with the Story-Modes, this opens up some interesting possibilities. Find below two examples:

  • You can block all other users and be the single author of your story. Other users can still make comments on every Story-Block you create to give valuable input but you keep the reigns on your story.
  • You can be the Game-Master of your story and only allow users on it, if they apply to you first. For example, this can be done with a character sheet that the Game-Master provides a template of.
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