Why should I subscribe and become a Patron?

Short answer: If you like what we do and want the site to life on and flourish, you should subscribe.


The reason I opened up a “Support Us”-page is that with realising this dream of mine I also generate costs. The site will be free to use for everyone but creating and managing a website doesn't go by ones wallet unnoticed. There are fees for hosting the site and mail-servers. Keeping the website up-to-date and maintaining it also occupies a lot of time. And I plan to do lots of improvements to the site with new functionality.

For all of this, funds are needed.


What you will get in return is direct access to additional content, for example a behind the scenes view of managing and developing the website. With a higher class pledge-amount you also get the chance to have a say in the future of the site. What is needed the most? Where are the greatest benefits?

See the Reward Tiers below for a detailed overview of what you would get access to.


With that being said, you don’t have to feel obliged to donate anything. Not everyone has the finances to hand out cash to a random guy on the internet and you will never be chastised for not being a Patron! Story-Bat will stay for free because money is not the reason I do this. I am just happy that you are enjoying Story-Bat and write your stories on it. Regular payments just significantly affect the amount of time I am able to spend working on this site.

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