Why set goals? I want you to know where the money goes and to understand what effects even small funds have. Besides, having goals is important for every site.

So what is the spectrum? Well, in the “worst-case” scenario the site will stay like it is and I will administer it in my free-time. Best-case would be that I get enough support from all of you to make this site my full-time job! Since this is a pretty big leap forward, I have designed steps along this path.

I will mark a goal as “reached” when we manage to have that income for at least three months in a row. The current monthly income is prominently shown on the “Support Us”-page with the “Contribution Status”-bar.


  • 10.- a month
    I will be able to pay the monthly fees for the servers (cheapest version) and Story-Bat will become self-sufficient in this regard. Half of the amount will be put to the side to finance future developments and updates.
  • 300.- a month
    I will be able to make small advertising for the site and expand our community. In addition, we will be able to ramp up the servers if we need more power to support the additional users.
    When I reach this goal, every existing Patron will get mentioned in the About-section of the website and will always have a special place in my heart. You were here from the beginning. You helped make something great!
  • 1’000.- a month
    Overall better experience. Not only better servers but each month a bigger portion of the donations will be put aside to finance future developments for Story-Bat. And I will make a video about this to clarify how huge this milestone is for me!
  • 3’000.- a month
    I would be able to reduce my workload on my current job so I would have more time for Story-Bat and create new content for you.
    I have yet to think about a reaction (video or the like) if we reach this milestone. But rest assured that it will be great. ;-)
  • 6’000.- a month and above
    Story-Bat will become my main job. I will work full-time in maintaining and developing the site and being a great community-manager for all of you.
    This deserves hands-down the greatest celebration video of all time! I will take some hours in writing a script, doing filming and presenting it to you in a quality that you deserve.
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