Demo-Story [Classic-Mode]
With tips and suggestions
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Story-Mode: Classic
Link: FAQ-Page
Date of Creation: 03 March 2018
Status: Sleeping
Closed Group: No

This “story’s” main purpose is to show you the site-functionality for a story written in Classic-Mode.
I will write one Story-Block (sequel) for it and also show off some possibilities on how you could use the site.

This is in no way a complete overview and I am excited to see what you will create out of this functionality.


You can use this story and its contents to see how “Bookmarks”, “Steps”, “Favourites” and the interplay between walked and charted paths work. You can even write dummy comments or Story-Blocks here to get a hang of the site before you start your real story.


Inside of this teaser for your story, you could talk about what you plan to do or what you want to achieve with this story. You could also set up rules or explain how someone could join this story if you have set the writing rights only to specific people (“Closed Group”). If everyone can join by playing one character, what requirements does that character need to fulfil to be eligible for participation?


I would recommend you to always set up a basic scene so people know where to start from and you should give lots of love for the details. What is this world the characters are living in? Is it our Earth or a special version were magic exists? Where do the characters start?
Give your collaborators enough content to pick up from.


You can find more helpful hints in the FAQ.

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First step into the adventure [Demo Story-Block]03 March 2018

This is a “Story-Block”. Story-Blocks are sequels to the story-page itself or to another Story-Block.


The title of…

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Charted paths

Charted paths
Parallel description of what the enemies due09 November 2018

Story-Bat gives you the chance to describe what happens in parallel. While the reader can follow the hero on the main story-path, you could describe in a charted path what happens outside of the…

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Charted paths
Another way of entering the story09 November 2018

Maybe someone has another character in mind or wants to change the decision of the current main character.

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