Where it never Rains
Aegros Dalend
Sprache: Englisch
Genre: Fantasy
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Erstellungsdatum: 28 März 2018
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This is a closed group, but I'm open if anyone wants to participate. Just write me a message about how you picture your story in this setting. If you're fascinated by your story, it's probably that this fascination will be passed on. Together we can populate Sa'blun. I'll be writing the storry for my main character so pleas dont hijak him, you are how ever wellcome to use any charakter (exept the emperor) I mention, or create your own character and storry. If you creat your own storry within Sa'blun, I will take the liberty to drop some snippets in it, just to flavor it, or even fully participate in it.


But without further ado, - the

After millennias of magical isolation, Sa'blun is again accessible. Many come to explore and to exploit only to find a very different society than the one they left.

A fantasy world in an renascence setting. Sa'blun is a continent, on witch it never rains, all its water comes from magical fountains. Politicly its comprised of City states, each with a parliamentary government structure. Each City state has his own supportive hinterland. Sa'blun as a whole is ruled by the immortal emperor, Sa'blun is an agrarian Dynasty, but since the reopening, is developing mercantile trade mechanism.

Discovery of Sa'blun
First contact with Sa'bluns, through sailors and adventurers. Social turmoil in Sa'blun, by the influx of outsiders. Curiosity flips to xenophobia.
Newcommers have nothing to offer to traid with, because their merchandise is inferior in the eyes of the Sa'bluns. But the newcomers are eager to get their hands on Sa'blun goods. Finaly the outsiders find something the Sa'bluns are willing to trade for. Drugs!
The military vastly superior Sa'bluns are faced with this corrosive thread, that threaten to destroy the social, political and economical structures that stood for millennias.

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Beschrittene Pfade
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Interesting concept! I will be looking forward to your posts. :-]