Support scientific research while writing stories

Most of our computers nowadays are better performers than those used for the moon landing. Heck, even our smartphones are superior!

And now imagine how bored your computer is while you write your stories. It can’t render some fancy graphics and doesn’t need to calculate complex operations as long as you are painting a wonderful picture out of words. Wouldn’t it be cool if all of this idle computer power could be used to treat cancer or help stop tuberculosis?

Well, now is your chance: Donate unused CPU cycles to the world community grid!


Please let me explain.

When a researcher wants to … well, do research that involves a lot of computational power, he has basically three options:

  • Book a Supercomputer which costs a ton of money
  • Do all the computation on his own PC and wait for approximately ten years
  • Use Grid computing – a bunch of standard computers worldwide linked together that work on the same problem and send in their results


All you have to do is download a little widget (BOINC) and while that is running in the background, all unused CPU cycles help advance cutting-edge scientific research on topics related to health, poverty and sustainability.

Imagine a screensaver but instead of waving the Windows logo around, it helps scientists search for antiviral drugs to combat the Zika virus.


You can find out more about the world community grid under

You can also take a look at the master list that shows you all the research your computer could do while you are not using it:


And please feel free to join our team “Story-Bat's Distributed Supercomputer”:

It would help if you use the same account- or display-name that you are using here. And you could even link to your BOINC-profile on your Story-Bat profile to incentivise others to join in.


Think about it. You could contribute to humanitarian projects without having to spend money, go outside or inconvenience yourself for more than about ten minutes. And every time a charity organisation is trying to guilt-trip you into anything, you can say “Sorry, I’m already contributing to humanitarian research.” You could let your computer help address world hunger while you’re on the toilet or answering the door. You get to do something valuable with your computer while you're not using it, instead of having it just sit there being useless.


Unfortunately, I cannot provide any additional incentives to use BOINC in this early stage of the Story-Bat website. But by joining the above mentioned team, you will be in my list of people who care. And I very much care about people who care. :-)