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Title Language № of Story Blocks Story-Mode Genre Status Pathfinder
Secret Scribble Santa 2019
A Story-Bat Event
English 6 Adventure Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Science fiction Sleeping Ashielf
There's no preventative, directive or safe approach for livin… English 0 Classic Sleeping George WL ⚡
Rebellion On Mars: Uninvited Guests
English 6 Classic Science fiction Sleeping Windlion
Falconer Jones and the Reliquary of Dust
World Renowned Mechan…
English 0 Adventure Action, Adventure, Comedy, Philosophical Sleeping George WL ⚡
The Many Untimely Demises of Juniper Jones
English 0 Classic Action, Science fiction Sleeping George WL ⚡
Keep Your Heart Locked Up
English 0 Classic Sleeping George WL ⚡
Animal Preserve
High tech in the wilderness
English 3 Classic Science fiction Sleeping Windlion
The Hive
English 3 Classic Action, Adventure, Science fiction Sleeping George WL ⚡
Homecoming Hero; or the Tragedy of the Year
English 1 Adventure Sleeping George WL ⚡
The Adventure of Tobias
One sentence event
English 2 Adventure Action, Adventure, Fantasy Sleeping Ashielf
Apocalypse Town - Zombies!
A Story from the "Apocalypse T…
English 17 Adventure Action, Drama, Horror Sleeping Ashielf
The Lady and her Spy
English 3 Adventure Action, Romance Sleeping Havskis
Jenseits von BoTTrop
Die Geschichte eines Leben
German 0 Adventure Science fiction Sleeping -Spooky-
Where it never Rains
English 5 Adventure Fantasy Sleeping Aegros Dalend
Welche Zukunft wird sie erwarten?
German 6 Adventure Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery Sleeping Naurin